8 thoughts on “Between Rockall And A Hard Place

  1. Liam Deliverance

    Good plan, set him up there with a tent and some provisions, get the brother on the rock as well, get them doing some politics on a national level for a change.

  2. Sam

    My hero
    Meanwhile Coveney leaves the Eu to argue for us
    Maybe the result of our navy arresting northern Irish fishermen fishing a few weeks ago

    So the scots play us at our own game as brexit hots up

    1. Kolmo

      Scottish Government has no business claiming national sovereignty on any rock, that’s the job of the central British Government, but for some reason the word British has not been heard once in the remarkably similar script sounding utterances from numerous Scottish talking heads on RTÉ, maybe that would be too inflammatory? The story of the fishermen from Co. Down getting arrested off Co Louth is connected as it also relates to agreements made in the 1960’s. It’ll fizzle out.
      The sooner the border is gone the better, the brexit con has ensured that will happen sooner than expected..

  3. rotide

    I was in school with a girl who’s uncle was in the british army and camped on rockall for entirely too many days to prevent the micks from taking it. Seemed like a huge waste of time

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