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      1. newsjustin

        What is Panty? That a healthy baby was killed? That any baby was killed? That the parents now claim it was an illegal abortion? That doctors waved through an abortion based on incomplete knowledge? That none of this matters in law because a human foetus is now a non-entity in Irish law and can be disposed of? That the only thing Repealthe8th campaigners regret about this is that it was a case of mistaken identity?

        1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

          As ye said yerselves
          To hide yer own hideousness and hypocrisy and criminality like

          But let’s just say yere own errors
          And there it is ….in writing
          eternal besmirching of the good names of good people

          I’m heartbroken for the parents Justine
          Why aren’t you?
          Ye’ve no interest in this family
          You and your people want to exploit them
          So ye can turn on the likes of me
          And diddly Gloat

          The diddly nerve of ye
          Begging a government Minister to destroy evidence of abuse, neglect, manslaughter, corruption, slavery human trafficking, fraud, and the worst crime of all – Child Rape. Repeatedly. Again and Again
          For decades
          Because ye think ye’re entitled to

          eternal besmirching of the good names of good people

          Come back with a bigger bat Justine

          Leave this family alone

          1. newsjustin

            Come off the stage Frilly.

            a) a portion of this comment makes no sense, I just don’t know what you’re trying to say.
            b) you’re dragging in a topic which has nothing to do with the death of a baby in Holles Street
            c) this family seems to be demanding action to find out what happened. They deserve support to do that, to highlight the failings, regardless of how one feels on the subject of abortion.

          2. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            What doesn’t make sense newsjustin_barrett
            The quote?
            Tis up there in the Cork Examiner
            eternal besmirching of the good names of good people
            (One of yere attempts to have archives and files destroyed btw)

            Dragging in a topic
            shur’ that’s what you’re at yerself.
            Therefore only compounding your hypocrisy

            this family seems to be demanding action as they should.
            But what has that got to do with you?
            What business is that of yours?
            Have you been engaged to represent them?

            Mind your own effin’ business
            All you’re at now- and in yere one words n’all is
            eternal besmirching of the good names of good people

          3. newsjustin

            Frilly, I think it’s fair enough to ask questions about this incident and it’s everyone’s business to see that we get to the bottom of it. That the family, as much as they can be, are satisfied.

            If you want to talk about the examiner article, fair enough, but it’s a different issue.


            What’s this about? Do you still think I’m someone else? I thought we cleared that up.

          4. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            Of course we need answers

            This is yet another failure of the specialist screening and lab testing services selected by the Dept of Health/ HSE that are strictly dedicated to Women’s Heath

            Another example of a failure in OBGYN healthcare in Ireland

            Funny how it’s this particular one that brings you back to the surface. Isn’t it?

            Although I’m not laughing

            There were Cervical Check Scandal protests all over the country this time last year.
            You couldn’t miss them. All the Ladies in Red.
            Where were you and the tribe you share a platform with and yere gorey banners then?

            Mary Harney binned the HPV vaccine rollout over the price of a bog standard KPMG report.
            Where were you and the tribe you share a platform with and yere well filled coffers then?

            And here you are now
            Getting all antsy and indignant
            Over a single missread test

            One misread test and here you are

            Tell me
            What were ya upta since last summer anyway


    1. eoin

      Peadar Toibin (who is pro-life, anti-abortion) said under privilege in the Dail yesterday

      I spoke with a legal representative of the family whose healthy child was recently aborted at the National Maternity Hospital. This is a desperately tragic case. The family was falsely told that the child had a fatal foetal abnormality. The couple claim that their child would be with them today, were it not for the actions of the hospital. They state that it was an illegal abortion and that the medical practitioners who signed off on the abortion never examined or met the mother in advance of the abortion. If that is the case, it is contrary to the law brought in by the Government and it is illegal. The family state that their calls for an independent investigation have been ignored by the Government and that they have had no real input into the terms of reference of the internal review which the Government is planning. They are shocked by allegations that the medical professionals signing off on the abortions have a commercial interest in the companies that produced the fatally insufficient test. This week, the bereaved family were shocked to hear that the State Claims Agency will indemnify the private company that carried out the fatally insufficient tests. They are furious with the Taoiseach for stating in the Dáil that this is a confidential issue. They believe he is seeking to sweep this illegal abortion under the carpet. Will the Government change the law, institute guidelines and carry out a fully independent investigation?”

      “the medical professionals signing off on the abortions have a commercial interest in the companies that produced the fatally insufficient test.”


      Taoiseach said it was a private matter and didn’t want to comment “particularly when there may be legal proceedings under way.”

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Rushed legislation (a hallmark of this and the last FG government. From Hogan, to Daffy, to Varadkar to Harris) is part of the problem here.

      2. Cian

        The legislation says:
        Condition likely to lead to death of foetus
        11. (1) A termination of pregnancy may be carried out in accordance with this section where 2 medical practitioners, having examined the pregnant woman, are of the reasonable opinion formed in good faith that there is present a condition affecting the foetus that is likely to lead to the death of the foetus either before, or within 28 days of, birth.

        I guess the problem stems from where it says: “2 medical practitioners, having examined the pregnant woman” what does “examined the woman” actually mean? In this terrible scenario examining the pregnant woman is moot – it is the foetus (or tests based on the foetus) that needs to be examined.

        If the second doctor examines the results of a test – does that count as “examining the pregnant woman”??

        1. small ads

          The HSE isn’t fit for purpose. A great roiling mass of administrators, and Calcutta-level health care. That’s a scandal that’s going to break as soon as some investigator lifts the lid of this mass of putrid, writhing worms.

          It was created out of the failure of the regional health boards, but instead of sacking these unfit people, the whole clatter of them were re-employed in the new central system.

          The only thing that will make it work is bringing in two teams: auditors and medical work practice specialists.

          1. Cian

            There are problems with the HSE, although I’m not sure if they are at a Calcutta-level.

            Many of the problems (like the one under discussion) aren’t solved by more auditors or specialists – but by administrators. There will be a review of what happened, there will be additional lists and forms created to ensure proper procedure is followed, there will be additional training needed for all staff, there will be compliance needed to ensure that all staff took the training, there will be all the extra paperwork needing filing, all the additional HR & management needed to implement the changes. Most of these are “administration” and “management” roles. The fix in this case isn’t any additional doctors or nurses.

            This happens again and a again – each ‘scandal’ results in recommendations for more admin.

  1. eoin

    Jeepers, the royal Oranges are visiting with us for three days. Three days!

    On the same day, we hear there will likely be further cost overruns at the National Childrens Hospital because of inflation in the construction sector. How much? Who knows but there are huge costs in there for PR and rent for the NCH board. But remember the words of Deputy Mick Wallace in March.

    “the biggest problem now is that we do not know how high the price will go. The price is estimated at a certain level at the moment, but it will rise way beyond that price. If the final price rises above €2.05 billion it will be the most expensive hospital ever built in the world. It makes no sense not to revisit it.”

    Who’s building the NCH? Step forward the Dutch Royal BAM Groep, those Royals might need more than 3 day visit.

  2. eoin

    Remember that FG internal review of Maria “swing compo” Bailey and Josepha Madigan? Was initiated 15 days ago and was supposed to be over-and-done within a fortnight. That would have been yesterday. The only newsworthy development surrounding Maria Bailey yesterday was she was reinstated to chair the Oireachtas housing and homeless committee.

    The Times Ireland today reports

    “Leo Varadkar has refused to commit himself to publishing Fine Gael’s report on the Maria Bailey controversy…. She [Maria Bailey] agreed to co-operate with the internal review by David Kennedy, a senior counsel, which was [sic] completed this month. The taoiseach said that he had not seen the report or decided whether to make it public.”

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Where would we be without you to keep us all up to speed on so many issues Eoin..

      1. martco

        yeah you shutup @eoin!
        with yer helpful commentary on stories like FG’s snakey shtehouse behaviour that get buried away off frontpage paper space & probably won’t get a mention on the airwaves that ordinarily I might miss.
        I know I’d much prefer to be in the dark so I wouldn’t need to worry about information like this & could carry on with my day trusting in my bestest Govt. & assuming they’re doing the right thing by me & my fellow citizens like the vocational saints that they are.

  3. eoin

    New issue of the Phoenix out today.


    Not sure this is going to be a memorable one.

    Phoenix seems to be finding its digital feet with around four new articles a day on its website between issues. Some of these are articles taken from the printed version, some are digital-only. Will it be enough to halt the 8% annual slide in paid-for circulation?

  4. ReproBertie

    The tea boy was hilariously shown up for the bumbling know nothing empty suit that he is by Caitriona Perry yesterday. When the UK needs a leader with foresight and intelligence the 0.25% of the population that make up the Conservative party are going to choose the village idiot.

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