Please Chill Out


Yesterday’s Extinction Rebellion’ protest outside Leinster House

A tipping point?

Termagent writes;

First thing I ask myself when I see a protest is “how sane do these people look”. And this crowd did not pass the test. And why would you make a load of signs that just have cryptic symbols on them? That’s completely contrary to the point of a big sign….

A graphic but essential warning of impending doom?

Or gooey fear porn?

The choice if yours.

Yesterday: Bad Blood


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36 thoughts on “Please Chill Out

  1. Nick

    This extinction rebellion lot are looking more and more like an apocalypse cult with each protest

    1. baz


      they’ll burn out fast but the general population will be finished with them before then.

      Extinction Rebellion by all appearances are unemployable actors and bad performance artists just desperate for attention

  2. Eoin

    I spent all of the 80s terrified of being turned to ash in a nuclear never happened. I spent all of the 90s in terror of green house gases and melting polar ice caps…it never happened. I’m pretty sure we were all supposed to be under water by 2013. It never happened. And now this nonsense. Point is, the climate change ‘scientists’ have been consistently wrong for decades and now they’re peddling their fear on a new generation who no doubt will look back on this in the future with the sense they’ve been lied to, like many people in my generation do currently.

    1. paul

      yeah but sure what’s the harm in going a bit green. Birra recycling, driving the car less, disarming a few nuclear weapons etc.

    2. Cian

      I read “What Niall Saw” (by Brian Cullen) when I was a chiseller and was terrified that we’d all be killed by a nuclear winter.

      1. Ian-O

        Some of us will, some of us will take to the lonely roads, alone, to dispense sarcasm and witty quips in unequal measure to an uncaring, ruined world.

        Sigh…… I’d imagine I’d be eaten by the feral childer before that happens. : (

        1. Cian

          “Full circle. A new terror born in death, a new superstition entering the unassailable fortress of forever. I am legend.”

      2. Specific Gravity

        Thanks for ringing that bell. Vividly remember reading it as a youngster too. Harrowing stuff, and think it might have been set in Rathfarnham.

    3. Ciuncainteach

      You’re confusing the predictions of climate scientists for those ‘facts’ published in media headlines. The news tends to be sensationalist. You probably understand that as well considering your acquired wisdom from <30 years of surviving anthropogenic disasters.

    4. edalicious

      “I spent all of the 90s in terror of green house gases and melting polar ice caps”

      Do you mean ozone depleting gasses? Because there was a massive (and mostly successful) international effort to stop using them.

      The nuclear holocaust never happened because it never happened. There’s no reason that it couldn’t have happened and we were VERY close to it happening a few times.

      1. Ciuncainteach

        Sorry to be the pedant here, but greenhouse gases and Ozone-depletion are not necessarily the same issue. That said, Ozone-depleting cfcs are very powerful greenhouse gases.

        Fully agree with the sentiment however. Just because a nuclear holocaust didn’t happen doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a legitimate fear to have during the cold war.

        1. edalicious

          That’s why I asked. As I recall, you heard much more about the ozone layer during the 90’s than greenhouse gases. Funny how you didn’t have politicians queuing up to disagree with scientists about the risks of CFCs back then though, isn’t it?

          1. Ciuncainteach

            100%. There was an industry attempt to stop the ban on CFCs back then as well, but it wasn’t successful. The backlash against climate action is surprising for its staying power. It’s no longer a debate about science or policy at this stage

            While I can appreciate the ideological difficulty conservatives and economic libertarians may have with the type of corrective action needed to stave off the worst effects of climate change. The longer we take to start, means that the corrective actions will need to be more radical.

          2. Cian

            Factoid of the day.

            Thomas Midgley Jr. played a major role in developing both leaded gasoline and some of the first chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

            He’s like the Hitler of Nature.

    5. Clampers Outside!

      Sure it’ll be “too late” in 12 years (less now, that was a few months ago), and we haven’t enough done to meet targets to put off that 12 year death date, apparently… we’re doomed I tells ya! apparently.

      .. ‘n me hoop.

  3. Jake38

    “…………….First thing I ask myself when I see a protest is “how sane do these people look”……….

    A daily question on BS………

  4. Liam Deliverance

    I don’t see the problem here, they look like regular people who took time out of their lives to protest, in the right location, about an issue they feel strongly about. With limited resources for posters etc they went with this fake blood to make their point. Their demo was featured on the front page of some newspapers today so job done.

  5. Lurch

    I understand the points made here and I wish you were all right about CC.
    But you are not…
    the situation is that serious. These people understand that and are doing everything in their power to let you know. The subject has been in the background for years and emissions are still skyrocketing. These are desperate actions but unfortunately we’re at last chance saloon here.
    Who do you want to hear it from from ? the UN, NASA, unbiased media eg. The Guardian, every party other than FG…. almost anyone but big oil

    I’ve studied this stuff to M level but I really only started to really worry when I saw the latest IPCC report. That’s the collation of all scholarly scientific reports on the subject. It states quite clearly that if we do not become carbon neutral by 2030 we are in serious bother and lose what the control that we have.

    In a nutshell, its like this: we’ve reached 1 degree of warming since pre-industrial levels and record CO2 levels in the atmosphere 416ppm (350 is considered safe). If you don’t understand the correlation between CO2 and temp. please google vostock ice cores.

    There will be a tipping point where feedback mechanisms kick in. There is vast amount of methane in the permafrost of Siberia for example. When this melts …. Also the ice in polar regions has a cooling effect on the planet (google albedo) when the ice is gone there is a positive feedback i.e higher temps.
    This is the scenario that scientists really fear, losing control. I could probably go on here but I think I’d be pilloried for it judging by previous comments.

    I’d actually like to thank Bodger for at least opening a conversation on this.
    I really don’t want aggro with anyone but if anyone has a genuine question I’d be happy to give my opinion or some facts on the matter (might take alittle while)

    By the way the blood was sugar syrup and red dye. Yes, the clean-up was part of the act, performed by “green-washers”.

    A couple of links:

      1. Lurch

        Hi Baz,
        No prob but sorry that my time is a little limited at the mo.
        You’re sceptical ?

    1. Royal M

      Agree with most of this post, except the part where you referred to the Guardian as unbiased media

  6. Lurch

    No problem BB.

    I suppose another thing worth mentioning is that nobody wants to spend their lunch on Tuesday outside the Dail, doing crazy looking stuff, opening themselves to ridicule but they have to.
    And it works, how many papers today? how many websites?

    Also I really don’t want to be worrying about this stuff but I am. That’s what I have to live with now, until real action is taken and we somehow get back on track.

  7. Increasing Displacement

    Time to crack open each other’s skulls and feast on the gooeyness inside?

    Yes…yes it is

  8. Milk Teeth

    They started out through a call to action, they’re not a bunch of nutters. When the effects of climate change can all ready be seen and the absolute vast majority of scientists agree we’ve done serious damage to the climate and need to take urgent action to stop it being irriversable/stop large amounts of people being killed by the results of the damage we really should listen.
    Which signs are too cryptic for you?

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