Steely Dads


Last week, with a Twenty Five Euro Voucher for Golden Discs on offer, we asked you to dedicate a tune to YOUR father to mark Fathering Sunday this Sunday.

You answered in your tens.

Many moved us to what can only be described as a soggy, lachrymose state.

But, alas, a father can only have one ‘favourite’.

In reverse order then…

SOQ writes:

Please play The Wild Colonial Boy by Margret Barry for my late dad/da this Father’s Day because I wrote off three of his cars in a row at the age of 21- and every time his first question was:  ‘Are you OK?’

seanydelight writes:

Please play “The Nightfly”, by Donald Fagen especially for my da this Father’s Day, because 25 years after he animatedly explained to 7-year-old me why he plays it on every car journey, long or short. He was right. The entire album is a masterpiece! Steely Dad, etc…

Bertie Blenkinsop writes:

Please play “Father” by The Christians for my best pal, my Da

Fairy Queen writes:

Please play anything from Makem and Clancy for my recently deceased Dad.He just loved them and in 1990, he loaned me his Volkswagen Passat to get 6 o clock Mass on a Sunday evening (I was an early driver). When I came out (in my state of grace) I discovered that the passenger window had been smashed in and the stereo stolen.

I drove home in tears and Dessie (my dad) said ‘not a bother’ and replaced the window and eventually the stereo. I was very apologetic cos his “Best of Makem and Clancy” tape was in the tapedeck (no CD players in those days)… it solved my next Father’s Day present, but now I can only give him a few flowers…

Specific Gravity writes:

Please play Cinema Paradiso by Ennio Morricone for my dad this Father’s Day, because it is his all time favourite, and while he would pretend to have no time for poetry, this captures him nicely and I get the chance to relay it here without his knowing: ‘With hands like spades/And a heart full of love/My father, my father’….

theo kretschmar-schuldorff writes:

Please play something by Doris Day for my Dad. I select this, because I would never select this.When I was an obnoxious teenager, my Dad took me to work with him and taught me to drive for a whole Summer. I made him listen to some terrible 90s crap on the radio, and looking back I think what a wonderful patient man he was for putting up with me. If I could, I’d go back and remove the fuse from the car stereo so we could have talked more. Thanks Dad.


Lilly writes:

Please play ‘The Tumble Down Shack in Athlone’ especially for my dad this Father’s Day because for some reason he taught me the lyrics to it. He would accompany me on the piano as I destroyed it. It wasn’t his kind of music; it wasn’t my kind of music, I was only ten or eleven. I can only surmise it was because he wanted to see his ould mother once more. He would only ever have seen photos of her as she died bringing him into the world. May they both Rest In Peace.

Thanks all.

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  1. Slightly Bemused

    A wonderful selection, and a worthy winner, and I must admit the story brought a tear to my own eye. Lily, may you sing it with a

    I do have a soft spot though for The Band Played Waltzing Matilda. Apart from a wonderful evening in the National Concert Hall where the legendary Mr Clancy gave forth in what was truly a personal show with several thousand people, I was once cajoled into regaling an audience with it by candlelight in Kosovo, many years ago. They wanted a song of sorrow and death, and that I thought was most appropriate. The looks on their faces when I mentioned leg being missing was a treat.

  2. missred

    I just played the end of Cinema Paradiso, which I studied during the leaving cert, and there are still tears in my eyes. Beautiful

    Well done Lilly!

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