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  1. shayna

    I watched the tail-end of the BBC’s thing about their next PM – it was entirely excruciating. When the show went to outro, everyone shook hands with eachother, except for Boris – Behavioural Scientists? (I skipped a few lectures.)

    1. The Great Wall of Gammon

      It was a train wreck from start to finish. And was a tad disappointed in Emily Maitlis’s moderation. Too much cross talk and little to no answers to any of the questions asked. But then look at who she had to work with. One of those tools WILL be the next PM. Crikey.

      1. Charger Salmons

        The real losers were the lefty BBC.
        Turns out they knew ” Abdullah(Patel) from Bristol “, who wanted to know if words had consequences,worked for the Labour Party but accepted his promise that he’d never had a social media account.
        Which he then re-activated immediately after the show to reveal anti-semitic posts and claims that girls should never be left alone with males.
        Which is a bit awkward considering he is the deputy head of two failing schools.
        Well,he was until the School Board suspended him this morning for holding those views.
        And it also turns out that the final questioner,Aman Thakar,who accused the panel of having no democratic mandate,also worked for the Labour Party HQ which the BBC knew about but chose not to tell viewers.
        Interestingly,there was not a single question from the North of England or Wales and presenter Emily ” woke ” Maitlis aimed all her fire at Boris Johnson the front-runner and none at Rory ” I should be in the LibDems ” Stewart.
        Awks all round for the BBC whose reputation for impartiality and good journalism long since headed towards the gutter.

        1. Charger Salmons

          Oh dear.
          More embarrassment for the risible BBC News and Current Affairs department.
          Poor old Aman Thakar,the former Labour HQ worker,has now been suspended from HIS job too for some questionable tweets about Hitler.
          Last night’s show is proving to be rather awks for the Guardian-loving,pensioner-hating Sandalistas at the Beeb.

    2. eoin

      Rory Stewart has the look of someone who didn’t stop when they “once” smoked opium. He has the same skeletal look and complexion you’d see around Gardiner Street.

      And have you read the book about Michael Gove “Michael Gove: A Man in a Hurry”. Coke will do that.

      1. Itchysays

        Eoin……I recommend you read Rory Stewarts ‘The Places in Between’ and ‘The Prince of the Marshes: And other Occupational Hazards of a Year in Iraq’….
        I think you’ll find he is not your average person never mind politician…unlike the other four buffoons.

    3. Charger Salmons

      Nigel Farage would have enjoyed watching last night’s Tory car crash immensely.
      Although it would have been on catch-up as he was too busy appearing before another sold-out public event in front of adoring fans.
      You need to turn the volume up to really feel the love.
      And with his Brexit Party leading the last three national polls it’s the Tories who are having to play catch-up as they know without Brexit they’re toast.
      Heh x 3

      1. Al Bin Man

        He was probably in the pub getting lairy

        Isn’t that a common theme for you guys?

        Polls show 50% of Torres want him as their leader.

        Oh, if only

          1. Al Bin Man

            You’re just getting unparliamentary now Rupert.

            Yes you may have a little more cooking sherry

  2. GiggidyGoo

    A ‘promise to guarantee’ is the latest soundbite by the ‘state’ in the case of the payment of €2.5m to Ruth Morrissey.
    Tell you what – let the state pay the money over now to her. None of this ‘promise to guarantee’ bull. Let the woman relax knowing that her children are well taken care of. Pay up now.

    1. Cian

      Relax GiggidyGoo, the State are looking after her in a way that the appeal will not affect the money the judge has awarded, in a timeframe equivalent to the original award. The IT says: “The Government has promised to guarantee the full amount of €2.1 million compensation award made to Ruth Morrissey, […] Last night, the chief State solicitor wrote to Ms Morrissey’s legal representatives giving her an assurance that the full amount of her award of damages in the High Court would be protected, irrespective of the outcome of the appeal.”

      The US Lab needs to pay the initial €700,000 as directed by the judge, and the State has guaranteed the balance – whenever it would have been due.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Why not just make the payment? Is that beyond FGs competence? The figure has been established – so at what point in your opinion, do you expect the ‘guarantee’ to kick in?
        Full of it as usual Cian – good little FGer

        1. Cian

          Because the US Lab is liable for the €2.1million (the State is liable for €20k if I remember correctly).

          The State are appealing part of the judges decision. They are saying that if the appeal were to have a knock-on effect that reduces the amount awarded to Ruth Morrissey that they will make up the difference.

          So the point that the ‘guarantee’ would kick in is a point after the appeal if the damages awarded are reduced. If the damages aren’t reduced the State will have no involvement.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            So, pay the woman out the award from state funds (seeing as you’re maintaining it’s guaranteed anyway) and let the state recoup the money from the labs. Is that too complicated?

          2. Cian

            I’m not sure that there is any legislation in place that would allow them do this.

            The government can’t just give money to people. Harris can’t just drop into the Central bank and ask for €2.1million is used notes to drop in to the family.

            I suppose they could pass an Act through the Dáil, Seanad and get Higgins to sign it off, and also decide from where the money should be taken…

          1. GiggidyGoo

            You’d like something more recent then?
            (Oh yes – you almost avoided my question about the state paying out an recouping the money later)

    1. Col

      It’s hard to get beyond this line:
      “Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy’s department has denied housing is unaffordable”.
      It’s just irresponsible at this stage, he needs to go.

  3. millie st murderlark

    The Express’ Brexit headlines are always such a laugh.


    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      The real ‘catastrophe’ is the recent governance of the UK, political collapse, societal division etc.

        1. Charger Salmons

          + record employment,more FDI than any other country in Europe and third in the world behind the US and China,one of the least racist countries in the EU ( Ireland being the second most racist),a rising manufacturing index just as Germany’s drags its own down to a full-blown recession.
          I could go on.

          1. millie st murderlark

            I found the Express reader!

            Any word on the diabetes cure they’re always talking about?

          2. Cian

            @millie – today is an odd day (the 19th) so red wine is bad and causes diabetes.
            However, if you are willing to wait until tomorrow, we’ll be telling you that red wine is good, and cures diabetes.

          3. millie st murderlark

            I’ll hold off on guzzling that nice Malbec I picked up then. Don’t want to risk the diabetes.

        1. Cian

          and your solution is? what could we have done differently that would leave us in a better position?

        2. Charger Salmons

          An insightful contribution Alfie.
          The Peacock Taoiseach has always been about style over substance and thought pandering to the braying anti-Brit mob would do him favours at the ballot box,if and when he finally has the courage to face the voters.
          A smart leader would have recognised that the UK is Ireland’s biggest trading partner and closest friend and used that to influence the negotiations to put Ireland in a stronger position.
          Instead,he chose to be flattered by Barnier,Tusk and Druncker and allowed Ireland to be used as a bargaining chip.
          Refusing to allow any discussions between the NI and Irish civil servants over possible border solutions for the past three years has also been a major blunder.
          When a no-deal Brexit happens Ireland will be left high and dry by the EU – recent history hasn’t shown them behave in any other way .
          It’s just unfortunate that Varadkar and the Irish people have been suckered by Europe once again.

          1. Charger Salmons

            Hello,my own personal bottom sniffer.
            I love it when you follow me around like a puppy.

  4. eoin

    Day #21 of the internal FG inquiry of Maria Bailey’s dodgy compo claim and the role played by Josepha Madigan. The review was supposed to take “a fortnight”.

    Is that it then? It’s been brushed under the rug and the media is off chasing another hare?

    1. bisted

      …in fairness…many of the papers yesterday had a picture of Josepha put sitting at the back of the bus…fairly severe punishment for FG…

      1. dav

        he’s too busy justifying the blushirt dragging of a terminally ill woman through the courts, again..

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      Has the review period been extended or is it complete and the result with-held?

    1. eoin

      Front page of FT, Steve Schwarzmann who made hundreds of millions from Ireland through his Blackstone vulture fund gives £150m in funding to ……. Oxford university. The ungrateful fupp.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Well as you rightly point out no Irish university once again merits a place in the world’s top 100 according to the latest rankings out yesterday so he probably thought it would be a waste of money.
        The last time that happened James Joyce was just finishing his Leaving Cert …

        1. Al Bin Man

          The Leaving cert only began in 1925

          At that stage Joyce was 43 and had already written his three most acclaimed works

          1. Al Bin Man

            It was factually incorrect.

            Feel free to call on again any time your lack of general knowledge is in danger of being exposed

  5. eoin

    The Irish Times is the only press that has reported on the contempt proceedings against the Irish Daily Mail.


    These were commenced two months ago. There was no bar on the press reporting the proceedings which were publicly visible.

    Sebastian Hamilton the editor who really shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a newspaper after the findings of the Charleton Tribunal last October, is due in court on 4 July. Remember that he next appears on the Virgin Tonight programme.

  6. eoin

    Will the new regs to deter AirBnB work in Dublin?

    The Irish Times doesn’t think so

    “While the penalties for non-compliance may be steep(ish) – a maximum penalty of €5,000 or six months imprisonment, or both – the job of enforcement will rest with local authorities. And the question remains as to whether or not they will be adequately resourced to deal with the 3,000 or so properties in Dublin (according to figures from AirDNA) that may be in breach of the new regulations. Dublin City Council told us that it will be enforcing the new regulations with the same resources it has now”

  7. f_lawless

    Branson exposed as the massive twit he is over his part in the Venezuela affair.

    “Rich moron @richardbranson agreed to help CIA/neocon coup in #Venezuela so he held giant rock concert on the border. Millions of dollars were to go to all those “starving Venezuelans” that @jguaido was going to liberate. Instead, @guaido’s people just stole the money! Idiots!”

    (Virgin’s official statement in this thread)

  8. Johnny Green

    BBC has a great story on redemption/recovery involving Derry native and soccer prodigy Sean Friars,who was signed by Liverpool at age 12,I love a good comeback story over my morning coffee:)
    I consider/think addiction is a health not a criminal issue and should be treated as such.


      1. Johnny Green

        Morning Eoin and thanks for that,completely agree with him.One the issues that has held up recreational marijuana legislation in NY is the concept of social justice.It involves expunging criminal records,directing taxes to impoverished hoods,empowering minorities,will discuss it in more detail over coming weeks,but well done Christy.

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