Secretary General of the Department of Public Expenditure Robert Watt

Secretary General at the Department of Robert Watt previously called for the procurement process into the National Broadband Plan to be cancelled.

Despite his warning, Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe signed off on it.




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7 thoughts on “Watt A Pity

  1. eoin

    This meeting was put in the diary last week, and you don’t publish a schedule with a named individual to attend a committee hearing unless (1) they have been invited and (2) they have accepted. And this would particularly apply to Robert Watt because he’s been a reluctant witness to accept previous invitations from committees.

    So, the presumption must be that Robert Watt agreed to attend the meeting last week but cancelled at the last minute this morning. So the secretary general at the Department of Public Expenditure has told the Oireachtas committee on (finance and) public expenditure to do one? “Career ending” is right.

  2. phil

    On another note , for some perspective on cost of the NBB plan and childrens hospital

    The New Safe Confinement Shelter protecting Chernobyl was completed in 2018 at a cost of 1.5bn

    But I guess wires on poles and a hospital building are more complicated than cleaning up a Nuclear accident site…

    As of 2018, the New Safe Confinement is the world’s largest movable land-based structure.

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