Behold: the 1990 BMW (E30) M3 Convertible – one of the best (and most sought after) driver cars of its day.

Only 700 were made between 1986 and 1992  and this vehicle is one of only twelve, unequipped with catalytic converters, produced for the Spanish market.

With just three owners, a recent refresh and a new canvas top, the car will be offered at auction this September in very decent and near-original condition.


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13 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. Tony

    E30 – one of the best Beemers imo even the regular versions. These M3s were monsters back in the day

  2. Slightly Bemused

    I was going to say a former boss of mine had a RHD one of those, back in 1991. However, it must have been something similar, as it seems these were only made for the Spanish market.

    Either way, lovely car.

  3. martco

    what about this one..
    its the nicer older E21 bird in near show condition & with a measly 97k on the clock plus its prior owner swapped in the turbine smooth bombproof 2.5l 6 cyl out of the E30 & in RHD too

    yours for just a quid short of £13 (getting weaker everyday) english Grand + €200 import + classic insurance around the €350 mark + €FIFTY SEVEN EURO road tax p.a.

    money better spend imho

    better spent imho & would happily collect for u

  4. scottser

    I’m really annoyed with myself.
    I stupidly let my 20 yr old BMW’s insurance expire and now no company will touch it. I even tried to insure it as a classic but you have to have insurance on another car first.
    And me fupn bike was robbed yesterday.
    All I have left is my leap card..

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