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  1. Ron

    Why is nobody talking about this clip from the recent BBC documentary Brexit: Behind closed Doors. We hear from Varadkar how united the EU is with Ireland and Brexit.

    This is the real EU and the incompetent clowns in the Irish civil service and the political scrotes in Government lead us blindly into it.

    Watch footage of Michel Barnier and Guy Verhofstadt’s plot to “isolate” and “use Ireland” in Brexit talks.


    1. Charger Salmons

      You don’t genuinely expect the Irish media to do anything other than gratefully lap up the narrative from Varadkar’s well-funded spin unit do you ?
      RTE’s Brussel’s stooge Tony Connolly has never once questioned the official line his government handlers have fed him – he considers it his patriotic duty.
      The Irish Times has,for the past three years, churned out a daily mush of increasingly desperate Brit-bashing bile from the likes of the appropriately-named Fintan O’Tool.
      The Story Of Why ? His Master’s Voice more like.
      In the same way that banks,politicians and developers escaped proper scrutiny from the media during the financial crisis the gullible Irish public is being fooled again.
      The morning after the EU instructs Ireland to put up a hard border they’ll finally wake up and say “how did we allow this to happen ? ”
      In much the same way as the day the IMF’s Ajai Chopra,who designed the bank rescue plan,told this country it paid far too much for it because it allowed the EU to walk all over it.
      But don’t worry – they have you backs.
      Oh yes ….

      1. bisted

        …oh dear Charger…another attempt to deflect from the fact that the only country changing anything is the UK…it was you Brits who voted to leave the EU…the other 27 members are blameless.

        Of course the action of the UK has implications for its neighbours but nothing compared to consequences for itself. The irony is that although the UK electorate voted to leave, their will is being twarted by their own elected MPs. Bungling Boris wont be able to deliver brexit but you’ll still have loads of johnny foreigners to blame.

        1. Charger Salmons

          Of course the UK is the one wanting to leave the EU.It was a democratic vote – something the unelected Brussels bureaucrats are not keen on.
          But it’s Varadkar’s job as a statesman to plan and prepare to avoid as much damage to this country as possible.
          Instead he’s allowed it to be used as a negotiating stick to beat this country’s biggest trading partner in the vain hope he’ll achieve electoral success himself.
          He’s been flattered by the attention of Druncker and co and in return he’s preened his way through the plush corridors of entitlement and corrupt excess in Brussels.
          A stool pigeon amongst the fat cats.
          And when it’s all over ? Obvs a nice cushy number in Europe,unlimited expense account and clinking of late night wine glasses with that other rewarded failure Phil Hogan.
          Michael Collins would be turning in his grave if he knew how cheaply his country’s reputation as been sold.

          1. bisted

            …never mind Brussels bureaucrats or Irish stool pigeons…none of these are the ones preventing the democratically expressed wish of the UK electorate…

            ps have you given up your wager on horrible Hunt for PM?

          2. Charger Salmons

            Not completely.
            There’s many a slip ‘twixt cup and lip and who knows what the Deep State might pull out of the hat on Boris.Some serious financial wrongdoing could still scupper him.
            It’s a shame I couldn’t have gotten an each way on Hunt but it’s a mark of how scared the Tories are of Sir Nige that Boris has gone from rank outsider to clear favourite in such a short space of time.
            And delighted to see the EU is holding its nose in disgust at Boris – it’s about time they got a whiff of cordite.
            Up and at ’em lads.

          3. Brother Barnabas

            between boris and nigel, who’d be your dream date, charger? one night only

          4. Charger Salmons

            Each would be good company in their own way.
            Both are box office and like a drink and a good nosebag.
            I’d chat with Nige about the price of second hand Jags and exchange quips about Greek philosophers with Boris.
            Trouble is they’re both going to be busy over the next few months steering Blighty out of the EU.

          5. Brother Barnabas

            sounds like a good night alright

            i could come too – always nice to have a bit of eye candy

          6. bisted

            …Greek mythology would probably be more appropriate…story of Sisyphus seems apt for Boris or Nige…

      2. Al Bin Man

        I’m going to hold my nose and agree with you for once
        But Bisted is also correct

        This is just a pointless distraction
        UK Plc is headed for the buffers and dragging us in with it. It’s obvious how the Brexit recession is already here.

    2. Col

      Did you watch the documentary?
      That is footage of Michel Barnier and Guy Verhofstadt discussing THE UK’S plot to “isolate” and “use Ireland” in Brexit talks!

      1. Ron

        Exactly, the video doesn’t suit the narrative of the clowns on here. They listen to the sound bytes of the jaded inept political scrotes in power and then wax lyrical about how much they know about Brexit..

        What’s the syndrome called again? It’s called the Intellectually deficient Irish Voter.

  2. shayna

    I think it matters little which Eton clown resides at 10 Downing St. – We’re all going to be a f88ked. In Ireland, anyway. Customs taxes, trucks carrying whatever – of course it’s going to be a hard border.

    1. Ron

      it was always going to be a hard border. Varadkar knows that. He doesn’t care for the country, he cares for himself. It’s all about his next role in Europe or the Security Council. He knows he is finished at the next election. History will not be kind to him. In fact he should be vilified and ridiculed at every opportunity for being the most incompetent, incapable political scrotes the country ever produced.

      There will be a return to violence in Northern Ireland and he doesn’t give a faeces. He holds the title of being more incompetent than the other obese silly Cowen. Amazing honour and certain intellectually challenged Irish voters enable it.

      It’s the Irish version of Dumb and Dumber

      1. scottser

        “the United Kingdom will maintain full alignment with those rules of the internal market and the customs union which, now or in the future, support north-south cooperation, the all-island economy and the protection of the 1998 agreement”.

        1. Ron

          Yea a hard border. And if you think there isn’t going to be a hard border your even more naive then your posts suggest

    2. eoin

      Are they electing a leader of the Tory party or contender for the mens 100m for the 2020 Olympics. Every second picture of Johnson, Hunt (see above Times London) or Gove (now gone of course) was of them running around the place. When did the physical fitness image become a thing for political leaders, you wouldn’t have found Brian Cowen going for a run.

  3. Charger Salmons

    But the Peacock Taoiseach is gay and coffee-hued and smart and Kylie-loving.
    He’s perfect for the soya latte crowd who’ve never got a whiff of farmyard manure in their lives.
    Style over substance baby.
    And cobblers to the Croke Park culchies with their tin-foil sangers.
    “Bejaysus and begorrah have ya seen de price of de pint up there? ”
    Oh,we’re back alright.
    And the EU have got ours.
    Yeah,right …

    1. SOQ

      And WTF do you know about farmyard manure? I personally know of four people who worked in the agri industry who have been made redundant in the past three weeks. Another company that is haemorrhaging so badly they will have serious difficulties making the monthly wage bill. And that is because the orders are fluctuating so much it is impossible to plan.

      This is happening right now and nobody, NOBODY, is blaming the Irish government because they have first hand experience of the chaos that is going on in Britain right now.

      But yeah, keep trolling eh? Keep blaming us for the mess Britain has got itself into. Keep laughing your sleeve at people losing their jobs. People with mortgages and kids and bills to pay. People who live in the real world.

      1. Charger Salmons

        I think you should be directing your complaints at the Taoiseach old cock.
        I’m not the one who was making things as difficult as possible for our chums on the mainland.
        But it’s good to know you have first-hand knowledge of how much this country depends on the UK.
        ‘Twas ever thus.
        Toodles and enjoy the sunshine.

          1. Charger Salmons

            I know.
            I’ve been warning you about it for a very long time.
            But all I got back was ” hey,let’s all look at theTans making a boo boo of Brexit in our own smug little way ‘cos our Leo is sticking it up to them ”
            Dem pigeons coming home to roost now baby.

          2. SOQ

            You never warned about anything, you just goad people with your trolling caricature getting some sort of twisted amusement from poisoning this site.

            So tell me genius- you who knows it all- why is the price of fresh food produce in Britain rising so much?

  4. eoin

    So farewell then, paper edition of Times, Ireland edition, last issue today. From tomorrow, it’ll be back to the paper edition being the Times international (Britain focussed) edition, though you’ll still be able to see the writings of three Irish journos *online* in a digital edition, who are expected to produce 4-6 articles a day each, up to 18 total.

    Times Ireland did important work on Harolds Cross, gambling, abortion advice clinics and decent workaday reporting on politics. Its finance coverage was not great, its columnists aren’t distinguished enough. Its international and Brexit reporting was compromised by head office in London.

    Why did it fail? It’s not an answer, but it didn’t reach a paid circulation of 10,000 a day (compared to 25,000 at Examiner) and the last month’s figures show just 3,000 a day sold. The real question is why it didn’t reach that threshold? Lack of journalists? No. Lack of marketing support? Yes, probably didn’t help. Lack of legal support for controversial stories? Maybe. Lack of editorial direction? Definitely.

    Farewell, I’ll miss you.

    1. Gabby

      Printed newspapers have been in a state of circulation crisis as a result of the internet. Periodicals have been in a state of crisis too. Time magazine redesigned itself as a sort of background features publication. If we’re supersaturated with news – a lot of it about ‘celebrities’ and their tangled lives – maybe we need something else from the daily and Sunday newspapers.

  5. eoin

    Yesterday, the Dail voted 77-39 to send Irish soldiers to Mali where they will be fighting amongst other combatants, the group calling itself Islamic State. FG and FF and the usual Independents support the deployment, which is under a United Nations “peacekeeping” mission which is being criticised for not being about keeping the peace but actively taking part in fighting.

    SF, Labour, Greens, Soc Dems and some Independents voted against.

    There’s a high probability of Irish soldiers being involved in fighting and, in my opinion, an unacceptable risk to their lives.

    We are also, as far as I can tell, for the first time actively fighting Islamic State. You might want to reinforce those bollards on Henry Street. As a neutral country, we have no business whatsoever in this conflict.

    If and when the body bags are returned home, you can remember how TDs voted with the record available here.


  6. eoin

    You have to laugh at the hysterics of the press blaming social media for all sorts of chaos in the wake of the Lucan child murder trial. “Parents of Boy B” forced to move, though it seems parents of Boy A (who was convicted of murder and sexual assault) seem fine; might this be down to the thuggish reaction of the father of Boy B when the verdict was delivered rather than social media?

    The outrage at the Mail and Indo is particularly interesting. The Mail will be in court for contempt on 4 July. And separately, the Indo and its editor and a journalist will be in court for contempt on 30 July after a report last November allegedly led to the collapse of a rape trial.

    The Courts should have done with it and name the the two children, there are exceptional circumstances to justify naming in this instance and for allowing other considerations to trump the Childrens Act.

    1. eoin

      There really needs to be better analysis of what’s going on in the courts in the wake of the Lucan child murder trial.

      According to the Irish Times, the judge has said something to the effect “An Garda Síochána should investigate any such incidents with vigour.”

      Since when does the judiciary tell the Gardai how to do their jobs?

          1. millie st murderlark

            An easy mistake. But not one that I’d ever make, with my flawless good taste.

  7. martco

    footage of Tory stalwart Mark Field pushing a female Greenpeace activist against a pillar & grabbing her neck


    “if ever there was an image that sums up the Conservative Party’s disconnect with the younger generation right now it’s a man in black tie at an elite dinner grabbing a climate change protestor by her neck”

    sum up indeed

    1. newsjustin

      Just watched it. No different to that time the Canadian ambassador tackled that guy at the commemoration in Dublin.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Jo Cox anyone ?
        The soap-dodger got a shove and was then person-handled ( she’d insist on it ) out of the way.
        She wouldn’t be so lightly treated by many of the millions of hard-working Londoners Inconvenienced by these cretins during their regular disruptions

    2. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      Why does her sex matter?

      Would your opinion on this change if the protester was male?

  8. Pip

    Just asking again, BS, is it possible that when one has read the comments and goes *back*, that it goes back to the same place rather than the top of the page?
    Fanx for all, but. Pip

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