He’s Three


Mick Caul tweetz:

Ireland 2019.

He lives with his mam and two sisters, in one room in a B&B with no cooking facilities.

He goes to the soup kitchen to get a stew, he loves spuds. Then a cup of tea and a doughnut.

He is three years old.

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44 thoughts on “He’s Three

  1. Jockey

    So not only won’t they work, but they won’t even go to the soup kitchen for him? Parents who live off the state 2019.

      1. Jockey

        Give over Ian-O, if what I said was so preposterous then why would it get attention? Would “He should get a job” have gotten the same response? No it wouldn’t, because it’s absurd. What happened here is that my comment touched a conflicted nerve in you that of course feels bad for a family in such distress, but at the same time questions why on earth 3 adults on the dole plus one kid with child allowance (combined income €2,576 per month) are living in a bnb and eating in soup kitchens.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          Three adults? One adult and three children, one of whom is 3 years old. Maybe read first before scuttering all over the place.

          1. postmanpat

            Mick Caul kind of did , I think .At first glance it reads like the kid is living with his mother and her two sisters (his aunties) , not his own two sisters. Obviously that’s not the case , it’s just Gen Z Tweetz grammar.

          2. george

            Nothing wrong with the grammar. If “I washed my plate and 2 cups” it doesn’t mean the cups belong to the plate.

          3. postmanpat

            are the 2 cups the aunties? wait no…the boy is the cup and ..their was three kids/cups to 1 plate/adult….no .. the two adults in the photo are holding a bowl? was it washed first? what are we really saying here?

        2. Ian-O

          Because you made assumptions and then deigned to pass judgement based on those assumptions.

          You even made the utterly ridiculous assumption that the 3 year old was sent out, alone, to get food.

          Because that wouldn’t ring any alarm bells at all…..

    1. George

      There is nothing to indicate the mother is unemployed but it is strange that you think the parents can eat the food for the child.

      The child also can’t be left without adult supervision in the b&b while the mother is eating his stew.

      1. A Person

        Really? Surely a Dad should provide for his kids? So tired of bleeding heart liberals and lefties saying the state should pay for everything (i.e.us). Why can’t the parents stand up and care for their own children. If they can’t, then sure, the state should help out. I didn’t have more kids, because I could not afford them. I didn’t eff off and let someone else take care of them. i worked me xxx off.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      He’s the type that doesn’t care that his children are homeless, so I suspect he’s in a Fine Gael cumman office.

      1. A Person

        Yeah, I’m FG because I asked about parental responsibility?????? I’m apolitical, but happen to work in the area of social housing. Where is the Dad is a common theme.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      That is so true.
      Some young wans with kids have even been offered houses from the state but turned them down because they’re too far from their ma (who often does most of the parenting). There is irresponsibility all over these homeless figures and it can be either or both parents.It can also be a result of addiction.

  2. Bebe

    Feel so sorry for him, his mum and little sisters. FG take a long hard look at what you’re presiding over – and FF you’re more than responsible for this little fella having to leave his room accompanied by mum and siblngs which is in a B and B – their ‘home’ to grab something to eat. To return again to four walls that house all four of them. Truly upsetting

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    I often see kids heading off out of shelters in their school uniform and it’s heartbreaking to see the effects of this crisis on them. Out of that 10k figure there are indeed parents who couldn’t be arsed working – and there are those that are genuinely destitute through no fault of their own.

  4. Bebe

    @Jockey ? Where do you think his mum ate ? She has no kitchen or dining facilities – a room in a B&B – I hope you and your family continue to enjoy a lifestyle so far removed that you fail to show empathy to those who are so overburdened. For when you or those you care for fall from those lofty heights the tumble will knock you for six. Hopefully some will show you some comfort and compassion- perhaps it may come from this little boy or his siblings

  5. Dub Spot

    Super image. Kudos to Mick, and volunteers and the young man. Wish I had a haircut like that. #verycool

    (I’ve just been in Centra and they were playing the appalling Rolling Stones ripping off classic Primal Scream. Geezers – they want everything for nothing.)

  6. Mr Awkward

    The fathers of these kids need to step up here. Who are all these losers abandoning their parters & kids? Let’s focus on them for a change.

    1. George

      I think that is all you focus on. What if the father is dead or in prison. You want to blame the children for that?

    2. newsjustin

      It’s fair to say – absent and unsuportive fathers are rarely spoken about in any of these debates.

  7. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

    I don’t care about the circumstances that led to this family being in a B&B
    I don’t care about the relationship status of the parents
    I don’t care about their employment status

    What I do care about is the sneering
    Who the ___k do ye
    Ye know who ye are
    Think you are

    You don’t walk in this little boy’s shoes
    He was born a baby FFS

    Every evening between 4ish and 9ish
    There are families sitting around tables at the xxxx attached to the Centra where I get my papers lotto cupboard staples
    If they’re not doing their homework, they’re playing outside in the carpark/ seating area together
    Before they all head back together to their accomodation

    It’s heartbreaking
    Hurtful and shameful

    We all need to cop da’___k on and stop blaming these families for their lot
    Investment of NCH levels into a Cooperative Housing/ Social Housing infrastructure will repay this Country 10 times back

    Look at this little boy
    Still suited and booted like a champ
    Like those kids keeping their school uniforms immaculate while trying to play outside a coffee shop at 8 o’clock at night

    Find some bitta pride lads
    Like these kids

    That sneering is pathetic, cowardly, and not worthy of any daycent Paddy
    I hope it suffocates ye

  8. Ian-O

    Sadly, there are still a massive number of people in this country and abroad who seem to think that the fact of you being poor is proof you deserve to be.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Profound, and so true. There’s a lot to be said about how people are raised to accept poverty or overcome it.

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