7 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. Slightly Bemused

    I used have a Honda 50 (which is in the Super Cub family). Sadly, me and two wheeled vehicles did not get along very well, largely due to my total lack of a sense of balance. Still, they and the series are in my opinion wonders of design simplicity and, almost, perfection.

    And of course, being from Kildare, I have to say we do have a local tribute to this wonderful machine…
    (warning, some NSFW Lyrics)

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Oh, it’s ok. It is the censored version – but for the Kildare accents :)

  2. Dub Spot

    Reminds me of the schooldays joke: What’s red and white and wobbles between your legs?

    A Honda 50.

    Seriously though Chompsky it’s time to shut down this Hot Wheels BS on environmental grounds. We’re done.

    Or feature only pedal bikes.

    Hot Heels would be better too.

    1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

      Hot Wheels n’ Keels is the best running theme here

      They bring us all together
      In mutual lust n’ drool
      Where envy, respect and admiration combine to form the perfect choir

      No matter who you vote for
      Or what colours you wear
      North or South
      Pro or Anti
      Them or Us
      LJG or Bakesheet
      Hot Wheels n’ Keels is the great equaliser

      It’s Broadsheet’s very own Peace Park

      You are experimenting with treason there DubspoilSpot

      1. Liam Deliverance

        Love the hot wheels n keels theme too, one of my favorites here on BS, often reviewed with the lads over a pint later that day.

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