Filling Us Up


Petrol (and diesel) pumps of yore.

Strangely beautiful, emission-unfriendly, Irish street furniture.

Photographer and journalist Stephen Davison writes:

Most of us think of America as the home of road trips, with cool fuel stations along the way.

But Ireland is full of old style stations that are steadily disappearing.

I’ve been capturing some of them before they go – about 500 and counting!

Name those locations (pics 1-3), anyone?

Also: Defiant Tricolour (pic 1). Mmf.

Stephen Davison

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11 thoughts on “Filling Us Up

    1. ChilliNuts

      Yeah it’s at Minaun View Bar, looking out towards Keel Beach and Minaun itself in the background

  1. Paddy

    Bottom pic is the former Beehive bar and filling station on the road from Clonmel to Ballymacarbery. It would be Co Waterford though very close to border with Tipp. The hills are the Knockmealdowns.

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