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  1. eoin

    So Niall O’Connor of the Irish Mirror (twice) revealed, during a radio interview, the name of one of the two boys convicted in the Lucan child murder case. Contempt proceedings are now in train.


    Next Tuesday, it will be the turn of the publishers of the Irish Daily Mail and its editor Sebastian Hamilton to answer contempt proceedings arising from the Lucan child murder trial.

    And, on 30 July, we’ll have the contempt proceedings with the publishers of the Indo, its then editor and an Indo journalist for an article which allegedly collapsed a rape trial last November.

    The Irish press, fills you with proud, doesn’t it. Also, social media, grrrrrrr.

  2. eoin

    One of the casualties of the closure of the paper edition of the Times Ireland and the 20-odd redundancies as their operation is downsized to a skeleton digital edition, has seemingly been Ireland’s top cartoonist, Harry Burton, whose work hasn’t been seen recently at the Times Ireland.

    So, it was heartening to see a Harry Burton cartoon in this week’s issue of Private Eye (Saudi flag with a bonesaw replacing the Mohammedan script). Well done Harry, onwards and upwards.

  3. eoin

    A fond farewell to Mick Wallace and Clare Daly. Their last day in the Dail has passed and on Tuesday next, they’ll be taking their seats in Brussels and if they can’t sit beside each other, there’ll be hell to pay.

    Both have been fantastic independent TDs who have effectively covered an astonishing range of issues.

    Good luck to them both, the Dail is now a less colourful and less productive home to democracy without them.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      What they’ve addressed and stirred up in a short political career wouldn’t be achieved by an FFG lifer.
      And I’ve no doubt these two TDs will continue to do good work, but over there – and not treat it as a pastural role like some of those Irish MEPs before them.

  4. eoin

    The Sun (!) reports “The [Oireachtas foreign affairs committee yesterday] heard that up to 90 members of the Naval Service are sleeping on their ships during their off time because they can’t afford housing due to their low pay.”

    Pascal Donohue has promised to publish next week the report on pay in the defence forces that he’s been sitting on for six weeks. That’s just cynical, the Dail should defer its summer holidays for a week so that it can scrutinise the report and implement what are likely to be recommendations for pay increases. Maybe the government can wise up about the broadband plan and pay for the salary increases from savings there.

  5. eoin

    Jebus, this looks like Judge Roy Bean style justice in de Rebel county

    A man is convicted of sexual assault on a woman on a bus. The height of the allegations:

    “The defendant denied the complainant’s allegations that he asked her to sit beside him in the first place, asked her to hold his hand because he was cold, and that he put his hand on her thigh.”

    “Earlier, Inspector Brian O’Donovan said in cross-examination of the defendant: “You put your hand on her thigh twice and rubbed the inside of her thigh?””

    Contrast that with our common law cousins in Australia who earlier this year decided that sexual assault is confined to the touching of five specific body parts (vag, bumhole, shaft, balls, boobs). Anywhere else on the body isn’t sexual assault but can be assault, and in the Aussie case, a slap on the buttocks was held to be a common assault.


    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      What’s your point? What the man on the bus was doing was sexual and uninvited. It’s unwanted physical sexual activity and therefore constitutes sexual assault. I wonder how the case would go if the victim thrust a Doc Martin in his face / crotch as I would also be in the dock if that behaviour was inflicted upon me.

      1. eoin

        Sorry, here’s the story in the Examiner today that I was commenting on.


        Based on the contents of the story, I find it hard to conclude it was sexual assault. The point I was making was, in Oz, they’ve clarified the specific parts of the body, the touching of which would constitute *sexual* assault. Beyond sexual assault, there are other forms of assault and there is harassment, and in the Oz case, the defendant was convicted of common assault for hitting/slapping someone on the buttocks.

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