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  1. Charger Salmons

    That Examiner splash headline is a shocker.
    ” Can not ” ?
    Are their subs all work experience these days ?

    1. deluded

      “It’s a disgusting place obviously, so there’s no defending it. On the other hand, you know you’ve got to be honest about what it means to lead a country; it means killing people. Not on the scale the North Koreans do, but a lot of countries commit atrocities, including a number that we’re closely allied with.”
      Tucker Carlson, Fox Entertainment Group.

  2. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

    So I have a bitta’ve announcement meself boys n’girls

    This is the last you’ll hear from me as Frilly Keane

    Sorry K, N, J, JS, NB, I, JH, S, M, D ah ye know who ye all are
    I appreciate yere advices, support and kindness over the last year months
    But you know sometimes
    It kinda has to be about me

    Frilly 30.06.19 @23.55

    The Kill Frill orderhas been achieved
    Fair play t’ ye

    No regrets


  3. Steph Pinker

    As per The Examiner: ‘Lionesses roar – Women who stood up to powerful men’; considering who wrote the article, shouldn’t “to” be replaced with ‘for’?

    Answers on a self-licking FG post stamp, please…

    1. Paul Revered

      You’d have heard a lioness roar this morning in my house. At least when my wife took the ball gag off me wha

  4. GiggidyGoo

    So, which conditions has a Eir not reached? McCourts new ones? Or that there was nothing included for FGs owner?
    Oh sorry – does the Times have the inside track, and how is it that it takes just 48 hours (weekend at that) for them, or someone, to come up with that kind of decision?

    1. ReproBertie

      Inside track? Possible flaws in the bid have been openly discussed in the media since the plan was published. The idea that eir would not need to set up a stand alone entity seems to be one of them.

      Are you really giving out about journalists doing sone work over the weekend?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Learn to comprehend Repro. It’s not journalists who decide whether a bid is good or bad. So i wasn’t commenting on journalists when I mentioned the 48 hours.
        So, during the week, you say that possible flaws have been openly discussed. You’re referring to Wreckler and Co. ‘discussing’ on Newstalk last Thursday and writing in the Indo during the week?
        You do realise that Wreckler hasn’t seen the bid, and neither have the journalists this morning.
        McCourt re-wrote part of the tender with the agreement of FG. That re-writing made it possible (as the Govt. didn’t have any issue with it) for Eir to re-enter the fray, as the original tender conditions were no longer valid.

        1. ReproBertie

          “You’re referring to Wreckler and Co. ‘discussing’ on Newstalk last Thursday and writing in the Indo during the week?”
          No, I’m not. I don’t listen to Newstalk or read the Indo but don’t let that stop your straw man erecting.

          Last Tuesday the chief executive of eir told the Oireachatas committee about some elements of the bid, including that eir does not want to set up a stand alone legal entity and wants to use the existing infrasrtucture, which have been highlighted as potential flaws by the Department of Communications.

          Does me knowing this mean I have the inside track too?

          1. GiggidyGoo

            What exactly are the flaws then? Do they refer to a flaw that excludes Actsvo/McCourt or to physical flaws. What exactly are they?

    2. eoin

      If there’s €2bn (€3bn higher end estimate of Granahan McCourt bid minus the €1bn Eir proposal) swilling around the place, you can be damned sure there will be people selling their souls to help the higher cost bid get over the line. €2bn is a lot of money.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        And €2bn would go a long way to alleviating a certain persons problems in the Phillipines.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            So, is it First Year you’re going in to? What a childish question you asked. Toddler along

          2. Paul Revered

            It’s nice that you want to make a new friend online. I get it.

            I don’t want to play with you because you are a bad boy. Mammy told me to make new friends.

  5. eoin

    Fair play to the Irish Times for being the only Irish media to report last Friday’s vote by the Council of Europe (our four members, Robert Troy FF TD, Paul Gavan SF senator, Joe O’Reilly and Maura Hopkins FG senators) to readmit Russia to the CoE, which promotes peace and democracy in 47 countries in the EU and the rest of Europe which includes Eurasia.

    Russia was kicked out after the Ukraine business in 2014, but last week, members voted in favour of readmitting Russia. Of course, since 2014, the Brits have even greater reason for hostility to the Russians after the Skripal attack.

    The four Irish reps voted for Russia to be re-admitted. All but one of the 16 UK members (including hotel movie fan Jeffrey Donaldson) voted to keep them out, one of them abstained. The Russians are now back baby!


  6. eoin

    Jebus, just five articles in the Times Ireland today including one which is syndicated with the Sun and perhaps elsewhere. Four articles of yesterday’s news, I thought there were going to be 12-18 (4-6 articles each for three journalists) Irish articles a day in the new Irish daily digital edition.

    Has the NUJ spoken up yet? If they shout loud enough, they’ll impinge upon the reputation and circulation of the Sunday Times. Ah gwan lads!

  7. eoin

    It’s not the most useless state agency but it’s in my Top 10, the RTB maintains a register of all private residential tenancies in the country. It’s supposed to produce a quarterly report showing rent increases. Its report has become particularly important because their report now decides if you’re in a rent pressure zone (4% capped annual increases).

    Where is the report for the first three months of 2019? The report has ALWAYS been published by the end of the following quarter. Their reports have been questionable in the past showing declines in some quarters in some areas which would be counterintuitive and also revising prices for several years ago.

    Responsibility for the report should be transferred from the RTB to the CSO so that it can be produced accurately and on time. In my opinion, the CEO of the RTB Rosalind Carroll is not able to do her job.

    These are the board members of the RTB


          1. Paul Revered

            There are obnoxious people in cyberspace to beat the band. I try to give people a chance. Eoin clearly presents here as some kind of authority or expert. I am confident he will clarify his position in due course. Of course he will.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            They’ll teach comprehension skills in secondary school. Maybe wait a year before you put your two feet in it.

    1. Cian

      It doesn’t matter who complies the report. The data comes from RTB. Even if CSO were producing it they still need RTB to produce the data.
      Also the data can be modified for previous quarters if a landlord decides to back-register a tenancy.

  8. eoin

    Well done all Irish media for springing the Mercosur deal on us, especially the farmers.

    Where was the analysis and debate on the proposed deal in advance of last Friday?

    I remember it being raised once (ONCE) in RTE’s European Parliament debates in May, and it was the Ireland South debate where Miriam spent 5 mins of a 50 minute debate talking about Mick Wallace’s financial past. When Diarmuid O’Flynn raised it, he was shouted down by FG Andrew Doyle who accused him of not knowing what he was talking about because the deal hadn’t yet been signed. And Miriam didn’t have a clue and moved on.

    Well done RTE. Ignorant, entitled, overpaid, irrelevant.

    1. Paul Revered

      There was extensive analysis on the farming show on RTÉ Radio 1 Saturday morning and several minutes devoted to it on News at 1 yesterday, on Six News and even as I write now some guy on Morning Ireland is discussing it.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        You’re having some difficulties in the comprehension department. Can you not understand what Eoin wrote!

        1. Paul Revered

          You’re pretty ignorant and rude in fairness.
          But I’ll humour you anyway.

          This deal has been under discussion for several years and is the job of the Commission, the Executive branch of the EU. We don’t have much input into that except by way of voting using the QMV system. This means that unlike the picture you painted unless we diplomatically lobby those countries with whom we have common cause to find a majority to oppose we can do fupp all. Government ministers on the radio confirmed that they have been doing just that for example there was a meeting with their French counterpart last week to explore a common approach. Similarly Poland and Belgium are reported to be aligned to the Irish position. In other words it typically seems to be a usual EU piece of business, politicking with like minded countries to form an alliance, where did I learn all of this? From RTÉ of course, see I listen with my ears and brain, not to dog whistle. Try it.

        1. ReproBertie

          Imagine waiting for something to happen before covering it! Don’t they know the scaremongering has to start months in advance of any actual information?

  9. bigx

    I know Britain is intent on going back to the way things were in 1973 ie businesses closing,class war etc but what did anyone there ever do to deserve the return of carry on,it was crap then and can be again.

  10. eoin

    Jebus, one of Digicel’s better quality publicly-quoted bonds falls by 8% this morning, now worth 56c in the dollar.


    For the love of Denis, can Leo and Richard B just sign the €3bn National Broadband Plan NOW!

    If Digicel collapses and Denis doesn’t have another x billion business to shout about, then that’s a stone cold goodbye to his reputation. Some people can stomach the stench of sulfur about the man as long as he’s perceived to be wealthy but if he’s a failed businessman whose wealth is questionable, they’ll be first rats off the sinking boat.

    1. ReproBertie

      The rise of Farage guarantees the destruction of the Tory party. The next leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party will have three options:
      – Cancel Sasamach which will destroy them as they have pushed themselves as a Sasamach party
      – No deal Sasamach which will destroy them due to the economic catastrophe that would result
      – Call an election where they will lose seats to Farage’s travelling circus and end up as a minor party
      And somehow they think the tea boy is the man to lead them in to this crisis. Hilarious.

  11. Charger Salmons

    The Moggster leads the assault on Brussels.
    A general election pact between Tories and BXP will wipe out Magic Grandpa and his unelectable Jew-hating party.
    The LibDems will elect their third useless leader in succession.
    Boris offers Farage a seat in Cabinet and turns Blighty into the Singapore of Europe.
    Ireland gets hoisted by its own petard and ends up being royally shafted up the ginker by the EU.
    Outside of Dublin the country makes a swift return to 1960s Ireland and The Wolfe Tones start touring again.
    But don’t worry lads – Britannia will help you out once again like it always does when your gombeen politicians land the economy in the ordure on a regular basis.

    1. ReproBertie

      Your Sasamach fanfic is getting worse.

      Just last week the EU unanimously reaffirmed its commitment to the existing agreement so promises of Ireland getting thrown under the bus appear more ridiculous by the day.

      Only the C&UP will lose seats to Farage’s travelling circus so a pact with them would be the first of many surrenders on the teaboy’s part. Are the members really going to support a leader who gifts seats to another party?

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