Rescue Hogs



Must be bacon in this heat.

Suit yourselves.

Collon Animal Sanctuary

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15 thoughts on “Rescue Hogs

  1. martco

    nah. the meat off a mature potbelly wouldn’t be particularly spectacular. a Hampshire best for that
    nice big bone-in pan fried loin rib chops are what you want (think T-bone steak territory) with a little butter+olive oil+fresh sage & thyme and thow in a finely chopped apple near the end with a drop of cider on the pan to emulsify all that goo off the pan…couple spoons of dark brown sugar makes it interesting

    sadly there’s not many proper pork butchers left (ie a butcher that only handles pork) Hicks do some great old school chops (not those perfect looking flavour-free processed boneless 50% water poo poo 5 pack down the Tesco’s)

    1. millie st murderlark

      My dad does a truly gorgeous pork belly and by god you’ve given me the goo

      1. martco

        Millie, I was lucky enough in my working life to land a stint in Milan for 3 months.

        two doors down from the gaff I was staying in was this very very ordinary looking almost falling down traditional restaurant. just Italian home cooked. I chanced it & was so good I would just go back there to eat the majority of the stay. Not a word of English spoken but after a while the owner started inviting me into the kitchen to eat with his staff instead of the more formal & as I showed an interest taught me how they cooked many of their dishes which I use at home to this very day 20 odd years later. the ragu, the pork, oh! all mega simple stuff but by fck did they how to cook it!!

        1. bisted

          …wow…if you ever need a restaurant reviewer or food critic Broadsheet…now that Frilly has hung up the apron…bleedin’ starvin’ now martco!

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      The pork butcher near me closed last year after about 80 years. Pork is amazing. Takes a marinade so wel and loves a bit of citrus. Good oul price – don’t talk it up too much please or that’ll change ;)

      You a chef, mart?

      1. martco

        nah purely an amateur interest @Spag

        I work in a very different & relatively obscure technical field but I like to dabble in food & mechanical matters.

        I’m very happy either knocking up the best shoulder of lamb you’ve ever eaten or changing out a clutch & flywheel for a friend who needs.

        I’m more a fan of old school food & cookery, less masterchef more Delia if u know what I mean. Love chatting to the older butchers & bakers & cooks when I get the chance, still a fair few “food heroes” around but times the enemy.

        ah sure who knows what the future holds, I have one or two years still till I reach my target but when I retire maybe I could cook great food for everyone somehow…don’t really want to do it for money if that makes any sense…I think the Health & Safety lads & the customer is always right “rule” would wreck my head a bit :)

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          Good luck with the plans.
          Have you ever gone to Jim Haynes’s ‘Sunday Suppers’ in Paris? It’s all about inviting strangers to your home and cooking up great food with even greater conversation. You pay a €30 reservation – but the experience is memorable. No phones allowed as it’s all about meeting people. Always thought this concept would work brilliantly here – I think Shane McGowan’s missus does something similar.
          Check it out:

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