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    1. Slightly Bemused

      Looking at that, and given they have peeled back the roof, I reckon the fire brigade crew suspect a spinal injury (not unusual for a rear-ended crash) and are taking no chances of aggravating it. Better to take it slow and careful now rather than risk a serious loss of movement later.

      I have huge respect for all the members of the emergency services, but particularly for the firemen and ambulance crews. Many a life has been saved by these heroes.

      1. Joe

        heard report of a single vehicle accident where the person who came across it helped move the driver to their car cause of the smell of petrol from the crashed car. emergency services arrived and pealed the roof of his car. The kicker is his car was barely a month old and took ages to run the claim thought the crashed cars insurance as they were trying to not pay out. The good aul insurance industry out to shaft a good Samaritan.

  1. Jdawgs

    I despise these Viking Splash tours. They are dangerous, heavy polluting vehicles. I’ve seen older people get very shocked when they entice the tour so scream when they are passing you by. They are always breaking down. A few weeks ago one broke down near the entrance the the Stephens Green car park and it was a nightmare for 2 hours.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      They are fabulous. Always full of happy smiles and a great way to see the city. They have been phasing out the old DUKWs with custom-made replacements, which should be less-polluting and easier to drive.

      Hope everyone is safe in that collision.

    2. dhaughton99

      Only slightly better than those rough types getting their horses to drag piles of fat feckers up Lord Edward st while breaking every light.

    1. Qwerty123

      you would want to be pretty slobbish to need a large WW2 amphibious vehicle to drive around in

  2. postmanpat

    If its a white Taxi driver . “I have to share this car with another fella… ” and all the other made up and exaggerated stories these fat fellas tell each other to say whenever they get together and talk shop. The insurance payout will send the taxi driver on a few holidays , id say he’s laughing his ass off. Taxi drivers dream of these things happening to them.

  3. BS

    That taxi man is gonna claim for every last cent. I’d say he was asking for a hospital to be built around him!

      1. BS

        Why? it doesnt look like more than a tip. certainly no crumpling of the bumper from the pictures.

        Neck and soft tissue injuries are nortoriously hard to prove against. as some one above said, taxi drivers dream of these types of accidents. cutting the roof off will just strenghten his claim. and from that claim up goes my premium, and everyone elses.

        1. postmanpat

          A bus went into the back of my dad once at a fairly high speed and crumpled the crap out of the back of his car.He go a knock but walked it off. He got the car fixed off Dublin’s Bus insurance and that was that. Had my old man been a Taxi driver and the damage a fraction of what it was I’m sure he would have followed standard taxi union protocol and hammed it up to the hilt. But luckily for Dublin bus and everyone who pays insurance my dad is a real man with a real self employed business and not a thief like every taxi driver on the road.

        2. millie st murderlark

          Oh so you’re enough of a expert to tell from a pic online?

          And not a prejudiced fool like postmanpatsy?

          1. millie st murderlark

            Sorry BS. On rereading, my comment is unnecessarily argumentative, especially given your own (very polite) response.

            I see your point, but I don’t agree myself. We are very quick (myself included) to jump to conclusions based solely optics/soundbites/insufficient information.

          2. BS

            I totally agree that he *could have a serious injury, or complaining of neck pain and the decision was taken to cut to roof off and take him out safely, and whiplash can be caused by a low speed collison…however…if one *were to want to claim for an injury claim and you can be fairly sure that someone going into the back of you is an easy claim to win, why not complain of neck pain, be cut out and up your claim a good bit.
            As a taxi driver he can claim for loss on income, as his car is now written off, further loss because he may be in pain and cant drive for long hours now. could be off work for months.
            While most people would never think of spinning this yarn after an accident some people go straight to that decision! and as i pointed out before, neck injuries and soft tissue injuries are nortoriously hard to prove against.
            There’ll be an article on the journal in about 4 years about a taxi driver hit by a viking splash tour bus getting am 80 grand payout….provided we’re all still here…i may not be

        3. George

          How would the Viking splash vehicle hit the bumper? Are you looking at the picture?

      2. postmanpat

        The Irish police and taxi drivers are all 100% respectable members of society in millie st murderlarks world. This taxi driver will just want a fair pay claim to cover his actual injuries , actual car damage, and actual loss of earnings and not a penny more. Taxi drivers are known for their honesty and integrity. I’m sure he wont attribute a pre-existing self inflicted injury (caused by sitting in a stationary position for most of his waking day and eating greasy ,tax deductible, breakfast rolls every morning and being morbidly obese and never exercising ) to this crash. Perish the thought!!!

        1. millie st murderlark

          No I just think making assumptions based on tweetle-pie all except your own prejudices and a photograph is pretty stupid thing to do

          Good job on jumping the gun and showing how much of a narrow minded biased jolly lumpkins you are.

          What. a. MASSIVE. surprise.

  4. SOQ

    Those things should have two employees on them, one to drive and one to do the commentary. Driving one of those things through Dublin CC would require enough concentration without having to entertain 30 odd people sitting in the back.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      They driver only drives, there is a guide providing information and comedy on the passenger deck.

          1. SOQ

            In there was only one employee on that vehicle then they are in for the mother of all claims- plus probably loosing their license.

    2. DeBigBrownBear

      They do. All there buses have 2 staff on board. One to drive and one on the microphone.

  5. The Old Boy

    Those things must be an absolute hoor’s illegitimate offspring to drive, not least in the city centre.

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