Buoyant Market


Living the dream.

This morning.

Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 2.

Demand for houseboat living is on the rise. Waterways Ireland says it is receiving hundreds of queries every year and has an ‘interested list’ for Grand Canal Dock alone running at 215.

However, there are provisions for just 28 residential mooring permits across Ireland – 20 at Grand Canal Dock and eight at Shannon Harbour in Co Offaly.

There are two types of extended moorings. One is a residential permit, which allows people to live full-time on their boat. At present, it carries a mooring charge of €278 a year, which is set to increase. That excludes utility charges.

Other extended mooring permits allow users to stay on their boat in certain location for no more than 90 nights.

All aboard as demand rises for houseboat living (RTÉ)


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16 thoughts on “Buoyant Market

  1. eoin

    How much for the mooring fee?

    Those 2-bedroom apartments there are going for around €3,500 a month.

    Can’t you get a decent houseboat for around €50,000?

    Why doesn’t Irish Waterways grant 2,000 mooring permits at Grand Canal Dock?

      1. eoin

        On Grand Canal Dock alone, you have raw water frontage of 2kms, add a few pontoons, walkways and piers and you’d easily fit 2,000 houseboats in there. But why stop there, couldn’t you stick a few 100 on the Liffey? And lengthy sections of the Grand and Royal canals could have moorings too. The ultimate in rapid build off-site-manufactured housing.

        1. Ian-O

          Which would all makes sense Eoin, except we have Leo and Eoin, so don’t hold your breathe.

          Can’t be having people living places, where would it end?

          1. Cian

            And if FG suggested this idea the two of you would be front and centre condemning it.

            OMG forcing people to live in boats. Clutches pearls

          2. Johnny Green

            ‘Finance Ireland, Ireland’s largest non-bank lender, has announced that the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF) has conditionally agreed to make a €30m equity investment in the company. Following the investment, which will see ISIF take a 32% shareholding, ISIF will nominate two Directors to join the company’s Board.‘


            Only in Ireland could the ever colorful and fact challenged Billy get 30 million from the state to flip home loans and mortgages.Is this CEO with 30 million on your money making things up or is he a compulsive liar,this is just BS,unnamed rating agencies,stop Billy just stop it’s 2019,not 1986.

            ‘None of the borrowers are in arrears and two international ratings agencies, which Mr Kane said he could not name, have ranked many of the mortgages as “triple A” which means that there is a very low risk that the borrowers will default.’


          3. eoin

            Absolutely Johnny, there is so much that goes on at ISIF that just goes beneath the radar. Mortgage collateralisation is bad enough, what they did with Enet is, in my opinion, worthy of a commission.

        2. Dr.Fart MD

          2000 is an insane figure, but i agree there could be a lot more, but ya can’t take up every inch of water with gaffs. anyway, the government won’t do it unless rich developers see a way of making a lot of money off it. as you can see, boats are far cheaper than houses so developers wouldnt be interested. therefore, won’t happen. the gov aren’t going to do something.. just for the benefit of the people theyre supposed to govern. we aren’t their priority, we’re just a source of money and something that has to be placated.

  2. V

    This is a great idea
    I don’t know why house boat living hasn’t been exploited here in any great numbers before
    I’d love it myself

    I’m not sure I’d want to be around Grand Canal Docks now
    I think I’d prefer to be moored around Chapelizod myself
    Or maybe down by the Pairc

  3. martco

    I looked into this many years ago when it was very affordable
    (you’ll need a lot more than €50k now @eoin)

    regards the whole Irish Waterways lark it was a completely closed shop. ‘course I’m sure if you knew the right people…etc.

    hmm. but these out-of-the-blue utterances are a curious d€v€lopm€nt!
    take a spin down the Seine or Thames you’ll see just how the idea of houseboats have taken on a whole new dimension since those rough & ready days in 80’s Amsterdam or down at Hazelhatch when moorings are laid in an urban setting.

    ’tis more like penthouse living territory for young hip CxO’s that you’d see on some toss programme featuring Kevin McCloud


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