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  1. V

    So the Longitudents
    In bikini tops, fake tan, bad shirts and silly shorts have the US Embassy worried

    Makes ya wonder wtf is going on with that crowd

    1. Al Bin Man

      Let’s be honest

      The prospect of all that crowd getting off their banger on drugs and drink is pretty terrifying
      Wouldn’t be tolerated in a civilized society

  2. eoin

    And there, on the front page of the Examiner, is the reason our brave media was in meltdown on Wed/Thu/Fri about sinning priests, apologies, statements in the Dail. It wasn’t just a distraction, it was a Leo distraction. Well done special advisers in particular!

    A major road infrastructure project in Cork, the Dunkettle Interchange is way over budget, by 70% from €100m to €170m according to some, and the project’s future is in doubt. The project is needed to unlock the potential to build nearly 1,000 much needed homes.

    Another hames of a FG capital project. But look over there, an out-of-sorts priest!

    1. Ger Nalist

      Remind me again, in what constituency are you hoping to pick up the second seat for Fianna Fail?

    2. Dav

      Careful eoin, any mention of Dunkettle will earn you a lecture on civil engineering projects or civils as it’s known

    3. Cian

      But eoin you’ve been banging on about this for the last few days. So it was widely known.

  3. eoin

    Anyone enjoying the English premier league in Ireland on Sky, Eir, Virgin Media or Vodafone? I wonder how long that will last, with the Premier League now suing them all in the high court in Dublin.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Those companies can stream themselves. I thinks it’s the dodgee boxes using their broadband is the problem, and the premier guys want the IOs blocked.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      absolutely brilliant

      knocked out one of my sporting heroes but who could begrudge it to her

      class kid

  4. eoin

    How much longer will Irish sports accept sponsorship from Dubai duty free [nominally a private company but has close ties to Mo]?
    How much longer will Trinity accept €5m for a foundation?
    How much longer will there be a Dubai summer school granted access to the Dail (visitors gallery, welcomed by several TDs).
    How much longer will we ignore the 18 stables owned by Mo in Ireland?

    The Times London today explores stuff that’s been brushed under the persian rug for a long time.

    “One day, she [Shamsa, daughter of Mo McToom] hopped into a Range Rover on the family’s Longcross estate in Surrey, drove it to the edge of Chobham Common, and ran off. By the following year, she was back in Dubai. A police investigation — which never seems to have gone anywhere — was reportedly told that she had been found by a search team in Cambridge, abducted from the street and flown back to the Gulf in a private jet. If that is true, it would involve a serious criminal offence. But the case of the missing sheikha was gradually forgotten.”

    Last year, Mo had his henchmen abduct another fleeing daughter in Indian territorial waters (not “mid-seas” as claimed by RTE this week, even their map showed the boat had reached the coast of India) and she was paraded, seemingly in a heavily medicated state with our patsy of an ex-president grinning like an eejit.

    Now we have a wife reportedly “fleeing for her life”.

    That g&t after the 18th hole in Lahinch isn’t as sweet now, is it?

    And don’t even get me started on Dubai, a place the size of Leitrim, strictly policed by Mo’s men, being the base, according to crime reporters in the Irish press, of the Kinahan drug trafficking organisation.

    1. Lilly

      I wish our teachers would stop propping up their educational system as well by taking career breaks to work in the UAE. If they had to forfeit their jobs, they’d be less likely to go. Why any woman would want to lend her talents to such a barbaric regime is beyond me.

  5. eoin

    A good day for justice on the island of Ireland yesterday with a court in Belfast ruling the local policing service failed to properly investigate the activities of the “Glennane gang” which had strong links to the British security services including the UDR (which is partly why I refer to the UDR as a terrorist organisation).

    “It’s now over two years since the courts first ruled that the PSNI had failed in its responsibilities to facilitate an effective, independent and overarching investigation into collusion between British state forces and the infamous Glenanne Gang which murdered over 120 people.

    “That judgement marked a pivotal day for the Glenanne families in their fight for justice for some of the most notorious atrocities of the conflict, including the Miami Showband massacre and the Dublin and Monaghan bombings.

    Regrettably, rather that implement that decision, the PSNI has sought to frustrate and delay progress and justice by appealing it.”

    Yesterday, the appeal failed and everyone now hopes there will be a proper investigation of a “gang” which was responsible for dozens of murders including the 34 killed in Dublin and Monaghan.

    1. Bodger

      SOQ, it became too toxic for the weekend. Intended as something light-hearted, but, you know…

  6. Janet, I ate my avatar

    you know what would be nice
    a day of rest on here from digs and jibes
    we could make it every Sunday
    just a no being a fecker day
    a little experiment

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      I was thinking the very same thing earlier Janet.

      Clampers and Martco wished me well going to a gig with my young lad and it gladdened the heart, it’s such a nice change when people drop the snark and are friendly.

  7. GiggidyGoo

    Hitler of course. Specsavers monday.
    You’ll never guess who I saw in specsavers the last time I was there.

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