Motley Crew


From left: Christine Lagarde, new president of the European Central Bank; Charles Michel, president of the European Council, Josep Borrell, EU foreign policy chief. Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission and David Sassoli, president of the EU Parliament

Yesterday: Meet The New Boss

Pics: AFP

Thanks Charger Salmons

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27 thoughts on “Motley Crew

        1. Reverend Pall


          Channeling their inner Charger isn’t a good look for BS either but in fairness it is mildly interesting

          1. V

            Ah stop
            Would ya

            Maybe they’re demonstrating what a real News and Current Affairs Host is supposed to be doing on air

            What a real broadcast journalist actually looks like

            I’m no fan of the man
            But seriously, that was good telly and it deserves a thread on its own

    1. Charger Salmons

      Neil is on his way out of the BBC – the schedulers make sure his show often finishes at 1am even though it still picks up great viewing figures for that time.
      He’s one of the few BBC journalists who doesn’t follow the Corporation’s rabidly anti-Brexit stance which Sky News also appear to have adopted with Bunter Boulton and the gormless Beff Rigby.
      Could you imagine RTE ever employing an interviewer who went after the government of the day like that.
      A bit like Vinny Brown before he went full-on One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.
      Watch out for his grilling of Boris and Hunt on July 12th.
      He will tear both of them a new one.

  1. M

    Andrew Neil was mentioned 20 times in Sean Mcphilemy’s ‘The Committee’ (1998).

    It dosn’t make good reading for Mr. Centre of the Coverup, then editor of The Sunday Times.

    And that’s exactly why he got to be on TV for the next 30 years acting like a good guy.

    If he was a good guy he wouldn’t be on TV.

    For those who have never heard of the book:

    “In 1991 Sean McPhilemy produced ‘The Committee’, a sensational documentary for British television that revealed that a group in Northern Ireland – drawn from the Unionist members of the business community, Protestant clergy, the police (RUC) and the British security forces – was systematically colluding with Loyalist terrorists to murder Irish Republicans and other Irish Nationalists. The documentary contained exclusive firsthand testimony of a member of the Loyalist committee responsible for the murders. This source provided a detailed account of how various assassinations had been planned and carried out.

    The broadcast of ‘The Committee’ resulted in highly publicized legal proceedings in the High Court in London when the British Conservative government tried unsuccessfully to force the program makers to identify their source. Since the broadcast of his documentary, McPhilemy has struggled to protect his reputation in the face of various legal actions against him over the program. Harassed by British authorities and his life threatened, he has brought two libel actions against newspapers in London that sought to discredit him. This book gives a full account of the murder conspiracy, the making of the documentary, the subsequent legal proceedings, and additional evidence that substantiates the original allegations.”

    1. V

      well if anyone is interested
      Improv Neil (off the telly with myself one time)
      put me onto the BBC’s Brexitcast podcast
      (the 4 person team now have a telly slot on the back of it)
      It’s definitely worth following, especially as they elaborate very well and very knowingly about the different personalities around the whole Brexit/ EU scenes

  2. eoin

    Also,fair points raised by Anne Widdecombe that these people are unfamiliar to most people across the EU (in Ireland, we sorta have experience with Christine Lagarde from her IMF role and we should be concerned about her views on Ireland’s tax arrangements and her loyalty to France which wants to take a big bite out of our taxes). These people will be instrumental to the future of the EU but there’s a major disconnect between citizen and these office holders. In fairness, Leo and co did the selection for us, but there was horsetrading with all sorts of undesirables before a deal was struck. You can see where Anne was coming from.

    1. Alastair

      No more of a disconnect than any cabinet appointments in a national level. It’s a representative democracy – the members state’s elected leaders, and the directly elected MEP’s get the task of horse trading and determining an acceptable team. It may not be pretty, but it’s more democratic than the current car-crash arrangements in the U.K.

    2. Cian

      Hey eoin..I thought that we had ultra low taxes in Ireland? How could France want to take a big bite out of paltry taxes?

  3. Alastair

    And it’s a bit rich coming from Anne – originally appointed to cabinet on the back of a prime minister who’s electoral mandate amounted to 184 votes.

  4. class wario

    Right wing twitter user revels in right wing pundit criticising the appointment of right wingers into prominent European positions.

  5. won't you join too

    Meanwhile in Ireland.
    Noel Whelan: EU jobs carve up was bizarre – but it worked. Member states balancing criteria of scale, power, geography and gender admirably.

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