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  1. eoin

    Absolute propaganda from the Irish Examiner about crime figures which (1) the CSO say are so unreliable that they carry red flag warnings and (2) there is no possible way for the Examiner to know whether an increase in crime is down to there being more crimes or there being better reporting of crimes.

    When police and politicians want to convince you that they’re keeping a lid on crime, they’ll tell you any increase is due to more people coming forward to report crimes. That’s what Charlie Flanagan is saying about sex crimes. And that’s what the Gardai are saying today about threats to kill. But neither has any way of impartially knowing because in order to know, you’d need to know the true level of sex crime or murder threat and neither Gardai nor politicians know that.

    So, it’s spin. Also, it’s based on figures which are now two weeks old. Well done, de paper.

    1. ReproBertie

      The article clearly states an increase in REPORTED crime which is not the same as an increase in crime so your rant spectacularly missed the point,

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Given the record of Gardai maybe the headline and story should read ‘ Sharp Increase Of Actually Recording Crime by Gardai’

  2. eoin

    We pay our TDs and senators handsomely to do their jobs but in 2018, six TDs didn’t attend for the minimum of 120 days (the minimum get get the standard travel allowance. The Times Ireland reports:

    “An analysis of expenses paid out in 2018 reveals that six TDs and two senators were paid less than the standard travel and accommodation allowance (TAA) for not attending the Dáil or Seanad for the required minimum of 120 days.

    The six TDs are Pearse Doherty and Jonathan O’Brien, of Sinn Féin; Mick Barry and Gino Kenny, from Solidarity–People Before Profit; Thomas Pringle, of Independents4Change; and Michael Hart, an independent.”

    And when asked about why they didn’t attend the requisite minimum, ” Mr Doherty, Mr O’Brien, Mr Kenny and [senator] Mr Ó Céidigh – did not respond to a request for comment”

    Shinners need to get a grip on their sense of martyred entitlement.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      The 2019ones will be interesting. Kenny and Noonan don’t seem to be attending.

      1. eoin

        I’m just surprised Senator Michael McDowell wasn’t on the list for 2018. He seemed to spending a lot of his time in Dublin Castle….

    2. Cian

      Nah. The Shinners are emulating their NI brethren – they don’t attend either Westminster or the NI assembly.

  3. SOQ

    Nightclub security guard injured as knives, hatchets, petrol bombs seized outside the Lost Lane venue.

    Is that gun in you pocket or are you happy to see me? Naa man- its a Molotov cocktail. Jazus- Lillie’s got rough near the end but it was never that bad.

  4. eoin

    Front pages of the Indo and Mail are based on a report from Simon Harris’s Dept of Health (the annual report of the National Healthcare Quality Reporting System). Flagship item on RTE Morning Ireland is the Indo article. Yet, the report from the Dept of Health hasn’t been published online yet,

    So, here you have Simon giving the press an advance copy of a report so they get to produce front page stories and sell you more papers and generally bolster their business. However, if you don’t say nice things about Simon, will he “forget” to provide you with advance copies of reports in future? Isn’t this media management just another way for the government to control the press?

    1. eoin

      And now Patsy McGarry in the Irish Times has got the report.

      “Irish over 65s highest consumers of benzodiazepine in OECD
      Healthcare quality report finds MMR uptake 3% short of target; hospital antibiotic use increases”

      That’ll teach the Irish Times not to criticise Simon Harris in future. You won’t receive advance copies of reports if you badmouth Simon, and in the dog-eat-dog world of the Irish press, you’ll be sorry.

    2. ReproBertie

      “However, if you don’t say nice things about Simon, will he “forget” to provide you with advance copies of reports in future? Isn’t this media management just another way for the government to control the press?“

      Speculation is not evidence.

      1. bisted

        …there seemed to be universal praise for Pearse Doherty’s contribution to the finance committee…he has proved to be an outstanding contributor on these committees and the Dail in general…pity he doesn’t seem to spend his time trying to maximise his expense claims like most of the more ineffectual TDs…

          1. bisted

            …not a pity at all…eoin listed six TDs who had not reached the level of attendance to qualify for full expences and singled out two SF TDs to make some point about ‘martyred entitlement’…I don’t know about the others on the list but Pearse Doherty makes a significant contribution to Dail business which, if anything, is all the more impressive if he attends less than other members…

          2. eoin

            Hi bisted, I didn’t pluck the six TDs from thin air, they were reported in the Irish Times and Times Ireland this morning. I singled out the 2 SF TDs because they wouldn’t provide any comment to the journalist. Three TDs did offer explanations, not sure how satisfactory they are, but SF didn’t.

      1. SOQ

        True but given that it should have been the first story on the 9 O’Clock news, all coverage is good.

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