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  1. eoin

    It seems so transparent to me the Stack family is hunting for compo. First an apology for deficiencies into the investigation of the killing of their dad by the IRA in the 1980s. Yesterday’s apology was top news on RTE and Paul Reynolds was the lead reporter, so you know there’s more to it. And now, the Stacks demand an independent inquiry. All so any failures can be avoided in future. Yeah right, you can smell the compo claim a mile off. Do they have a “legal team” yet? And how many 10s of thousands feel unhappy with a Garda investigation.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      They say they got an apology. Written or verbal I wonder.
      Stack also was supposed to be considering running for the EU in the last elections. On the FF ticket.

      But I’d concur as regards the possible motive – compo. The last time Stack was in the news was an attempt to reduce Gerry Adams’ support. What happened in the meantime is that Adams is no longer leader of SF, and Mary Lou McDonald doesn’t have any baggage that Adams may, or may not, have had. Austin Stack ran out of options, so the last chance saloon is compo.

      Of course there’s an election on the horizon, so no surprises at the timing.

      If Harris did apologize in this case, I think he may set aside a sizable proportion of his time now for other apologies, both sides of the border. Odd that there hasn’t been a press release, or statement from Harris so far about his apologizing.

  2. eoin

    First, we have the FG government frustrating new legislation by insisting on a so-called “money bill” for legislation it doesn’t like. The “money bill” is supposed to be for new legislation that can impact the public purse, but arguably ALL legislation impacts the public purse and the government is exploiting this. The Opposition point out that 10s of Bills are being frustrated because the govt won’t provide a money bill.

    And now, we have the judicial appointments bill, the legislation to create a lay person led council to stop the insider cronyism that’s been the hallmark of judicial appointments in Ireland. Shane Ross made the Bill his key demand for entering govt in May 2016. He even went on strike in 2017 to stop the approval of new judges until the bill was passed but he was persuaded to give up his strike. The bill has been stuck in the Seanad for a year. There’s been more than 100 hours of debate, which is probably a world record. And has the Bill passed? Yesterday, Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan said the legislation “does need a substantial amount of work” and it will be delayed at least into the autumn. Will Shane Ross pull the plug?

    1. V

      Just as he took Silk n’all
      Bloody 50
      Makes you want to think

      I’ll admit he got my nerves in the last 3 or 4 years
      But he was the most solid resource for Tallies and predicting transfers across all elections and media platforms
      There wasn’t a constituency he did know all the runners and riders and the going
      So, in my view, he can be forgiven for being an RTÉ lovie the rest of the time

      No-one can deny his contribution to the Equal Marriage Referendum campaign
      I suspect that’s what he will be remembered for most since he turned it around and made it a campaign of goodwill, respect and fairness
      Well that’s what I hope for his memory and legacy anyway

      RIP Mr Whelan

  3. eoin

    Virgin Media’s TV news last night breathlessly headlined a no deal Brexit would affect property prices but alas, the detail of the reporting didn’t offer you much of a clue as to quantum. The UK’s politically independent Bank of England has forecast a decline of up to 35%. Is that the sort of magnitude that we’re facing in Ireland? If unemployment increases by 50% (55,000) and the economic growth slows to a standstill and there are concerns about peace and security, we could be looking at 10-20%, bringing us back to 2017 levels.

      1. Papi

        This weeks first year journalism assignment, put rhetorical questions all the way through your articles? it generates reader interest? Also, answer your own questions?

        1. B9Com From No

          “Just asking questions”

          Except when it comes to the number and types of cars in the Mosney Direct Provision centre car park. Was a bit more definitive there.

  4. eoin

    New edition of The Phoenix out today. Best cover for a long time.


    As for the “Love In” (formerly Niall Harbison, now Emmet O’Neill’s media outfit) sale first reported by the Sindo last weekend, €10m? Seriously? If so, Bodger & Co wouldn’t be blamed for spending the day on a charter to somewhere good because BS is in the same media reach ballpark.

      1. eoin

        No mention of damages though (even though LMFM is part of Murdoch’s radio empire and could well afford it).
        Gerry also doesn’t appear to have had luck with the Sunday World.
        And his battle with the BBC doesn’t seem to be going any where fast.
        I’d hate to see the solicitor fees that Gerry is stumping up. Is he managing all this litigation on the average industrial wage?

      2. eoin

        Worth buying the Phoenix for the full story. They claim LMFM stumped up Gerry’s legal costs. Maybe, maybe not, can’t see any reference to that in Gerry’s own announcement about the matter.


        But just think about that for a second. LMFM admitted in its statement the broadcast was defamatory. LMFM has reportedly (the Phoenix) paid Gerry’s legal expenses. LMFM is part of Murdoch’s empire. But no damages at all?

        Does that mean Gerry’s reputation is worth precisely zero? Is it zero because it’s widely believed Gerry was the leader of the IRA (and if you believe PSNI ex-chief constable George Hamilton in 2015 and, just last month, UUP MLA Doug Beattie speaking after a briefing with the PSNI, the IRA hasn’t gone away you know).

        The BBC Spotlight libel case is in fact coming before the High Court in the Republic for a hearing in 2020. I hope Gerry has deep pockets, because the BBC does.

        Also, it kinda explains why Sinn Fein couldn’t give a toss about reform to our draconian libel laws.

        1. bisted

          …I like your contributions eoin but your contant shinner bashing is showing…do you have an agenda?

          1. eoin

            No political party agenda, no, practically all of them have policies worthy of bashing.

            Ah, thanks Millicent, you’re not so bad yourself ;-)

  5. SOQ

    Only in the north could zero sum nationalism dance around itself so much that the two main parties end up supporting the exact opposite of what they stand for.

    SF say that while it is not the preferable option, they would support the extension of equal marriage and abortion rights from Westminster. The DUP on the other hand, who take such pride in their British heritage and have made such a big deal out of NI being treated the same as the rest of the UK-oppose such a move.


    1. ReproBertie

      As I saw on Twitter yesterday, the DUP now need to decide who they hate more, Sinn Féin or the gays.

      1. B9Com From No

        Boris protests today are “insincere guff”
        – senior civil servant

        I’m worried about the way things are going
        Civil war in US and U.K. between executive and permanent government
        Bad for NI and bad for us

      1. B9Com From No

        It was a cry for help
        I thought i was staring into the abyss
        into the squalid garret of moderation
        Sitting in my crying chair
        Because I have an opinion!
        Fetters rent in Twain
        But I’m free again now
        God is merciful

  6. V

    Brendan Grace as well
    Ah what a day of news
    He always made me laugh
    And that’s not easy

    RIP Bottler, I’ll remember you fondly and with a stupid smile, and probably laughing at your Father of Bride speech as if I had just seen it for the 1st time

  7. Papi

    Charger is fierce quiet today after bOjO made it clear who he works for.

    Heh, heh, and I believe, heh.

    1. Charger Salmons

      More interested in the action in Birmingham at the moment than engaging with numbskulls like you.
      But glad to see I’m still driving you demented in absentia.

      1. B9Com From No

        Oh yes isn’t there an Irish fella there propping up a few lager swilling passengers and village green idiot types?

        Multi-culturalism, eh, what old boy

      1. Charger Salmons

        Angry ?
        I’m watching an excellent game of cricket with a large G&T.
        You seem bored.
        Are you unemployed by any chance ?

        1. B9Com From No

          Watches cricket – tick
          Drinks during the day – tick

          Asks OTHER posters if THEY are unemployed- tick

          Or rather, hic!

          Oh dear

          1. Charger Salmons

            I’m on me holliers.
            Isn’t a chap allowed to relax over an afternoon sharpener ?
            What a dull life you must lead.

          1. B9Com From No

            Handy with the caman I’d say
            Transferable skill to cricket bat

            You might as well go over and give them a dig out
            So desperate for talent they already use our sloppy 2nds

  8. Charger Salmons

    I dunno V.
    I’d like to engage in the bantz but it seems the woke folk at BS are concerned you might not be able to take it and keep deleting my bullying comments directed at you.
    I’m sure you can but their long standing ban on bullying is preventing you having the chance.
    Anyway,back to the cricket.

    1. V

      Well I can’t speak for them
      Their gaff their rules

      But feel free to give it a lash on another platform
      and see how I cope

    2. Charger Salmons

      ” long-standing ban on bullying ” ?
      Double-standards again from the snowflakes at BS towers.
      Try telling Frilly Keane that a mild joke about her looks is bullying.
      You give it out – you gotta take it.

        1. Charger Salmons

          I’d respond in kind Bodger but I’m worried you’ll pick up your underskirts and run off squealing like a puppy with a smacked bottom.
          It’s G&T anyway and England are through to the World Cup Final so the musings of a moderator on an obscure Irish webiste are but a mere folderol.
          Now get back to those hard-hitting posts about puddles that look like Ireland …

          1. Charger Salmons.

            Marvellous chap is Eoin Morgan.
            One of Ireland’s greatest-ever sportsmen, a millionaire through his exploits for England and a nice feller to boot.
            Always good to see an Irish person heading to the mainland to find opportunities missing at home.
            Thanks Ireland.

          2. B9Com From No

            I’m on my mods again
            Must have been that cellist jibe

            Anyway @bisted, yes that Irish guy is their best player. He hit a 45 not out to wrap it up today

          3. Charger Salmons

            Actually it was a South African,Jason Roy,who hit 85 who sealed the deal for England today.
            But what would you know silly pants?

          4. B9Com From No

            I know that all your best players usually come from the former colonies
            Doesn’t say much about the natives talent

          5. B9Com From No

            We don’t purport to be the home of cricket or rugby. Indeed those garrison games are mostly only enjoyed by posho wannabe losers over here

      1. Papi

        Didn’t you storm off a while ago cos you were given your comeuppance? Maybe do that again, it was really impressive. Really.

  9. Charger Salmons

    Nah,too busy enjoying watching England smash their way to a world cup final.
    But I do find the cant and hypocrisy of BS rather droll.
    They rail against Denis O’Brien’s censorship of the media then fall over themselves in their haste to delete a bit of badinage about one of their chums.
    It’s student newspaper stuff.

    1. V

      you could be talking about yourself there Charage
      All talk and no trousers stuff

      who’s the chumanyway

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