The Pipes Are Calling


Dublin Port Company’s proposed MP2 Project; a map of the same; Google Earth images of areas involved; the Heritage Zone as part of the project


Dublin Port Company is lodging an application for permission with An Bord Pleanála for its MP2 Project which involves a new open structure “Ro-Ro jetty” for ferries up to 240m in length and a lengthening of an existing river berth.

It also proposes a publicly accessible Heritage Zone.

The planning application says:

This [Heritage Zone] will include a new structure or ‘Marker’ incorporating the original lighthouse bell and lantern from the pier head at the end of the long-gone 19th century eastern breakwater.

The Marker includes a viewing and interpretive deck, and beneath it a small performance space or amphitheatre.

The proposal also features the installation of a Sea Organ, a musical instrument made from a series of pipes with whistle openings installed into the land boundary.

The Heritage Zone will be accessible by cyclists and pedestrians along the new 4km Greenway on the northern fringe of the port overlooking the Tolka Estuary. Construction of the Greenway will commence later this year.

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12 thoughts on “The Pipes Are Calling

    1. Spud

      Was there a good few years ago.
      Loving just sitting on the edge of the water listening to it, with families around eating ice cream and everyone happy.

      When this is built, the stench will be worse as the poop still gets pumped into the bay nearby.
      What a total waste of a cool feature down near so many industrial / waste zones.

  1. eoin

    Did they catch the rat who ratted the senior execs out to the media for their credit card and expenses?

    Dublin Port is sitting on the most valuable real estate in Europe. I would watch them like hawks.

    1. Joe Small

      “Dublin Port is sitting on the most valuable real estate in Europe”
      Any facts to back this vague claim up with? Port facilities occupy the land. I don’t think they’ll be moving into large scale office or residential construction anytime soon.

  2. dav

    Can the Public Access Tolka Quay road at the moment?
    Cause according to google Maps it’s a one way route OUT of the port, any access into the port is for users of the ferries

  3. Bort

    Wont become a space for undesirables drinking cans anyway. How’s Bachelors walk getting on?

    1. eoin

      + 1

      I’m expecting Hans Blix to come out of retirement to accuse us of producing weapons of mass destruction, imagine the damage a phial of Dublin Bay water could do. We could call it novichok plus.

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