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Via Tilray:

The Tilray products successfully imported will be made available to qualified patients through the Access Programme once distribution approvals are provided by local regulators.

This will allow patients in Ireland access to a locally maintained supply of GMP-certified products, which they can receive in a reasonable time-frame.

Authorised patients are expected to be able to access Tilray medical cannabis products through the Irish community pharmacy network in the second half of the year.

Catherine Jacobson, Tilray’s Vice President of Medical and Regulatory Affairs, said:

“This development in Ireland represents an exciting turning point for patients. We’re proud to have the opportunity to provide patients in Ireland with access to Tilray’s standardized GMP-certified medical cannabis products, and we’re thrilled to see an increasing number of countries improve access to medical cannabis.”

Tilray® Imports GMP-Certified Standardized Medical Cannabis Oil into Ireland (Tilray)

Thanks Fweed

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14 thoughts on “Decent Gear

  1. postmanpat

    And all it took was time to figure out how to assure the profits , propped up by public money, went to the right corporate suits. Plus, the consumer gets the nebulous reassuring feeling you get from an overpriced named brand supplied in a non-recyclable plastic bottle. There’s even a picture of a guy in a lab suit inspecting a bud with a fancy magnifying lens so you know its okay for squares.
    A great day for NASDAQ: TLRY 45.75 USD −0.18 (0.39%) hopefully they get back to October 2018 levels ,and thanks to wee Paddy… it might just yet. fiddle-de-dee, top of de mornin to ye!!! to be sure- to be sure.

  2. eoin

    Ah, isn’t that nice. Did Leo give his sock-pal Justin a nod-and-a-wink that Ireland wouldn’t compete with Canadian cannabis producers? Otherwise, why isn’t Ireland going full throttle to develop its own medicinal cannabis business? We’re one of the biggest pharma exporters in the world, we employ 25,000 people in the sector directly and we have one of the best environments to produce cannabis. Also, we have a beef sector that desparately needs to be repurposed in a climate change-savvy future where our beef is too expensive.

    1. Mr.Fart

      ah but ya see that would mean doing … work. whatever’s easieist, and whatever can be outsourced, is the government MO.

    2. fFs

      “one of the best environments to produce cannabis” …eh no we’re not, not suitable at all. You might be thinking of hemp

      1. Johnny Green

        Yeah I bet that Canadian weed that’s getting imported is amazing,given how ideal the growing conditions there are…….
        Ireland has it all to be a major player is this job creating machine,except politicians with vision and courage,it’s not called green gold for nothing !

    1. eoin

      ” The Globe and Mail cited a former CannTrust employee who alleged the company’s staff installed fake walls at the facility to hide illegally grown cannabis to evade detection during Health Canada inspections.”

      Jaykers, it worst than the Killybegs fishermen and their quota for crawfish!

      1. Johnny Green

        Same day the minister signed his importing license with Canadian firm, hope the patients can find adequate replacements in a timely manner.Ireland (the minister)had decided to be completely dependent on the struggling,scandal ridden Canadian weed industry,he’d have been better off with the Columbians at least they grow great weed outdoors.

        This is a med dispensary around corner form me-will get prices as comp the don’t put them on line.

          1. Johnny Green

            -why you think they dealing with the brain damage of Ireland,with its Mickey Mouse importing BS,limited products,no chronic pain relief and a load of dopes in charge, because things are going well…
            Any yank firms involved-fook that they can’t be bothered dealing with the thick paddies in Kildare St-the struggling Canadians are all over it as they NEED desperately ‘growth’ to justify insane valuations.
            Online pricing as its Friday-great disp in Rhode Island today selling….
            eights for less than 30 bucks,pre-rolls (joints) for 5 bucks (guessing half gram) and grams of pretty decent flower for 8 dollars-how much again in Dublin:)
            Yes an excellent ground and rolled joint for 5 dollars that will make for a perfect Friday eve-and you wonder why the drinks industry is opposed….

          2. Johnny Green

            Hi B9-i’m not a wake a baker its early here, its a bit tacky to be brown bagging it from clients/grow houses.We get literally bags of samples/ounces off free weed at work-lots west coast growers are moving back east from Oregon/Cali/Washington as they upskilled there in the legal market, now looking capitalize on that skill set on east coast.
            Most them stop by the NY office looking for head grower positions and always drop off samples,we also have extracting facilities,so some the better ‘cooks’ from west coast are also moving back east dropping off lots free samples..
            A good grower and friend just returned from growing outdoors in Cali-his speciality is high end rare strains, will probably try some his over the weekend.
            In summary I like outdoor grown high end fresh Cali flower,Jungle Bro’s in LA have great products,I may try some that over the weekend,he will have some.

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