Dublin City Councillor Mary Fitzpatrick (representing the Lord Mayor) and An Post CEO David McRedmond.

This afternoon.

Blessington Street Park, The Basin, Dublin 7

The unveiling of a plaque and a special postage stamp to honour Dame Iris Murdoch by Dublin City Council and An Post marking the birthday of the late author and philosopher close to her birth place.

Born at 59 Blessington Street, Iris moved with her parents to London while still an infant, but the family often holidayed by the sea in Dun Laoghaire and Ireland features prominently in a number of her works.

Pic: Maxwells

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5 thoughts on “Iris Times

  1. Paulus

    Good woman Mary; like your old “pal” Bertie, you’d show up for the opening of a tin of beans!
    Sure we’re lucky to have ya.

  2. Brother Barnabas

    iris murdoch was about as Irish as charger salmons- and with broadly similar level of hostility and contempt for the irish. odd that she’d be commemorated here.

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