Last night.

Former President Mary Robinson urges the Irish Women Lawyers Association to manifest climate justice.

Good times.

Monday: Latifa, Haya And Rescuing Mary

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5 thoughts on “Visualise

  1. eoin

    Try as I might, I just can’t visualise Mary returning the €1.1 million cash in her liquidated climate justice foundation to the donors including the Irish taxpayer.

  2. dav

    jaysus mary must really have upset a load of people during her stent as president or Ireland and then in the UN.
    Why didn’t she just know her place and keep to the lawyering..

    1. Lilly

      Why, because she’s being held in the boot of a Ford Focus and only allowed out to go to Dubai and the Law Society once in a while? Payback time alright.

  3. McVitty

    I’m not sure about Mary Robinson – generally…and not only as a person who left the Irish Presidency for a career opportunity. It’s not like the UN have a great record of their original mandate and it’s a bit of a hoot that she would latch onto an overbearing term like Climate Justice in this moment and appeal to the mindless temper tantrum culture.

    As someone concerned about “Climate Justice”, one has to wonder how she feels about the EU-Mercosur deal or the fact that our branded honey comes from New Zealand and gets blended here etc etc – would she not think it would be a good idea to put tariffs on these kinds of imports and use the tariff revenue to subsidise initiatives in the green economy? Probably not – the “global progress” agenda comes first. That’s “our Mary”, as they call her on the idiot-box.

    In truth, we need environmental policy coming from a measured place, an environmental economics perspective – this is an economic problem. The problem is that for the last 40 years economists have had to prop up the status quo and use a loosey-goosey comparative competition argument to justify move to a centrally run, globalised economy….and add a little fudge for negative externalities in the appendices.

  4. Conk

    The way we love to take down someone because every facet of the individual in questions’ personal or professional life isn’t 100% unblemished, wholesome or fails to accord to the ideal of each individual.

    It’d be gas, if the impact wasn’t as corrosive and depressing over time.

    I see that goal 12 of the Sustainable Goals 2030 – which MR has played a role in crafting, negotiating etc – has as its objective “Sustainable Consumption and Production’ – you can read about it here:

    I must listen to these as well (Maeve Higgins and MR) as they are likely to provide a better understanding of the person their motivations and engagement with the issue of ‘climate justice –

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