9 thoughts on “The Gong Show

  1. scottser

    i would LOVE to have a shot on that bad boy.
    i’m a paiste man myself – they make absolutely beautiful cymbals.

      1. scottser

        overpriced vanilla, the same as sabian.
        trust me, i’ve used them all. then about 10 years ago i got a set of 14″ sound edge hats and they were so good i subsequently replaced all of my cymbals with signatures.

        1. Specific Gravity

          Good call on the Paiste hats, I’ll give you that, but my love affair with the K series will continue. Never took to Sabian for some reason.

          Now, as for sticks: ProMark Japanese white oak, or good ol hickory by Vic?

    1. Boj

      Paiste man too. used to have Z’s but sold em on. Agree on the overpriced point. Got a PST7 thin crash the other week…beautiful sound and great price!

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