Come Friendly Bombs



Ahead of Bray’s Air Display festival on July 27-28.

Jayus Kayus writes:

This was handed to me yesterday evening at Bray station. I think the organisers could have picked a better picture to illustrate their point – I suspect it is a while since either of the two biplanes in the picture killed anybody, with the possible exception of an unfortunate wing-walker.

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18 thoughts on “Come Friendly Bombs

  1. Pip

    The aircraft pictured were more lethal to their drivers than pretty much anyone else.
    And fer cryin’ out loud did they even look at the programme? You really have to go through it to find
    ANY warlike aircraft. Two Strikemasters was all I could come up with.
    B52s, Stealth bombers, Tomcats (Top Gun 2 on the way!), Flying Fortresses etc. all not on the bill.
    Really dumb stuff…. and great headline, BS!

    1. :-Joe

      Ye on the one hand it’s not overtly a military air show promoting war but anti-war protestors deserve some free reign of opportunism with this kind of thing to remind people that it’s a constant slippery slope with propaganda and influence winning hearts and minds etc.

      A few flyers versus the massive power and influence together with trillions of currency involved in the arms industry can hardly even be noticed as any kind of a fight….

      It clearly states at the bottom of the flyer…

      “We are not opposed to the airshow, only those that invite military participation”

      I say fair play.. keep reminding people that airshows are often used to promote the military…war.. murder of innocent civilians every year… for as long as I can remember anyway..


      1. Pat

        A clumsy effort that doesn’t help things. ‘Bray War Display’ lol. They should go to one of the dozens of warplane glorifying summer air shows in England if they are serious about this. Lazy clowns

        1. :-Joe

          Ye sure, it’s clumsy but look at it another way.

          If they had the same budget as a military arms manufacturer maybe then they could have taken the time and spent the money to produce an advertising campaign with smiling, bright shiny models and soothing soft background music like the shell oil tv ads reminding us of how greatly they value the enviroment.

          Plenty of Irish air shows have openly displayed war planes in the past.


          1. Pat

            ah Joe fair play for taking the time but you’re still missing the point. These clowns are hurting their cause by campaigning against the Bray air show which does not glorify war planes. They should be off complaining at other air shows that DO have war planes in them. And they don’t need a military budget to do that. Just a bit of cop on

          2. B9Com From No

            They glorified them in other years

            They did have war planes those years

            And military displays.

            Last year I think they had the Red Arrows.

            Cop on you said?

            Not to mention extremely patronizing

      2. Clampers Outside!

        The point he makes is that the flyer poster does not make the case that you have quoted. The flyer does the opposite. if anything it is truly awful bad communication of their message that is worthy of a grade ‘F’ if it were submitted as a project piece on a communications course, in all fairness.

        1. :-Joe

          Ye sure, it could have been articulated better but like I said before, they are getting their message accross and reminding people of what air shows often promote and propagandise overall.

          War planes are fun to watch without showing the kids or families what they are used for and the ultimate devistation that results.

          People are talking and thinking about it… good enough for me… I doubt anyone is going to be stopped from going along as a result so maybe some people complaining about their branding of valid concerns need to calm down a bit too….


        2. B9Com From No

          yet we are all talking about it here

          Tell me which college you teach in so I can make sure not to send my kids there

          1. Clampers Outside!

            Well, if you do buy the “all publicity is good publicity” line, and are happy with that, fair enough.

    2. Paulus

      PIp you seem to know your planes; so I’m surprised at use of “drivers” instead of pilots!!

      1. Pip

        Hey Paulus, it’s actually often used by the pilot fraternity.
        I’ve read too many flying books!

  2. Zaccone

    There are almost no actual war planes in the air display at this stage. And its a great day out for families, tourists, and locals. And its very profitable for local businesses.

    These people would be better off protesting government policy that actually leads to war deaths, instead of well liked family friendly local festivals.

    1. B9Com From No

      another doctrinaire who presumes to talk down to idealistic people with a legitimate well- articulated grievance

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