Goodbye Karl


This  morning.

Beechpark Avenue, Castleknock Dublin.

A hearse (above) carrying the coffin of Karl Shiels, actor, director, producer and drama teacher arrives before a funeral service at at Our Lady Mother of the Church.

From top: Tony Torney; Martina Stanley (right)Nick Dunning; Pauline McLynn; Maria Oxley; Jenny Dixon and Tom neville TD; Camille O’Sullivan; Rebecca Grimes; Maclean Burke; Dave Duffy; Deirdre O’Kane and John Connors.

Funeral for actor Karl Shiels told he lived life to the full (Irish Times)

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12 thoughts on “Goodbye Karl

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Was wondering too. Usually when there is a lot of media coverage about the death of a public figure at a young age, the cause is stated. When it is not, people speculate in all different directions which is unfair to deceased and family.

  1. eoin

    Saw him a year ago around the north inner city. I think “unkempt” would be the kindest description, but today is his day, he’s obviously a much loved man and artist. RIP.

  2. Cathal

    Saw a few minutes of Fair City last night, he couldn’t stand straight and seemed to be in a lot of pain.

  3. SOQ

    I must try working a legs 11 skirt and beige high heels at my next funeral attendance.

    It’s so- stylish.

      1. Liam Deliverance

        LOL! – on a side note, I know skinny jeans on guys is the current fashion but going on the images above does it really work?

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