On Wednesday with a family ticket to see the new The Lion King at your local ODEON on offer, we asked YOU to name your favourite scene in the original Disney classic.

You answered in packs of ten and smaller.

But there can be only one King.

Such is the nature of a monarchy.

Runners up

Theo Kretschmar Schuldorff: “The bit where ye’r man puts the CD cover in the other fella’s mouth and pours a load of crude oil down his gullet.”

Jeremy Kyle: “Not a scene from the film, but when I was a young lad in school we were allowed bring in films to watch on the last day before Christmas – I brought the in The Lion King on VHS and was told by my classmates that it was for babies. So we had to watch the Spice Girls film instead. Well, anyway that’s always felt like an injustice to me.”

Robert Kieman: “The best scene is when Simba flops on his belly and the dust that raises spells ‘SEX’’.”

Barry The Hatchet: “The most personally memorable scene in The Lion King is the one where Mufasa is trampled to death and Simba finds his body and tries to wake him up. That one still makes me well up when I think about it. Plus, it gave me a lifelong fear of being trampled by a crowd, which makes concerts and slow pavement walkers very stressful.”


EvilRobotDanny: “The most personally memorable scene in The Lion King is, of course, a Timon and Pumbaa scene. The Hula song (above) that distracts the Hyenas. When I was a bairn I thought it was one of the funniest things I had ever seen and today I proudly stand by that assertion.”

Thanks all.


Wednesday: Form An Orderly Lion

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