There you go now.

*sound of cows breaking wind*

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79 thoughts on “Minuscule

  1. papa p

    world population 2016 7.6 billion
    Ireland population 2016 4.7 million

    4700000 is 0.061842105263158% of 7600000000

    1. shayna

      Ireland is teetering @ 6/7 millionish. Perhaps you’re ignoring The North? Before The Famine – Ireland’s population was @ 8 million. Who would have thought that a diet of potatoes would wreak such devastation?

      1. George

        The North is irrelevant in the context of public policy as the Dail does not set climate change policy in the North.

  2. Rosette of Sirius

    Emissions per capita is a much more meaningful measure where we rank higher than China.

          1. Commenter #1

            Because it demonstrates that all countries, no matter how small, contribute in some way to the problem of global warming and as such have a responsibility to act.

            Of course China and the US contribute more to the problem; that’s undeniable. But comparing their contributions to Ireland’s and saying “Not even 1 %!!!” like it’s some sort of gotcha is dumb.

          2. Bodger

            Indulge me and let’s assume the last few years of climategeddon is primarily about introducing a carbon tax, preferably a global one administered by a world body. How would this work if our contribution is not even visible? Would we get carbon credits?

          3. Ciuncainteach

            Why should we indulge you on this Bodger – your hypothetical of a ‘global’ carbon tax administered by a ‘world body’ doesn’t take into account the geopolitical reality we’re living in.

          4. Mezcal

            Wow, Bodger, the censorship of anything that doesn’t agree with your world view is frankly sickening, good bye Broadsheet.

          5. Bodger

            Mezcal, if you have an issue with Gemma O’Doherty take it up with her. Your comments were obnoxious.

          6. Commenter #1

            So the question has changed from “Why does per capita matter?” to “Our contribution is invisible; how would WorldGov account for this in their Global Carbon Tax regime?”

            You know that “Not even 1%” is not the same as “0%.” In the scenario you propose, which I do not believe will come to pass, we’d have a contribution to make, most likely proportionate to our contribution to the global problem. I.e. China would pay more than us.

            This is leaving aside the flippant and dismissive framing of the issue as “the last few years of climategeddon.”

          7. Mezcal

            You would say mass now wouldn’t you, since no one can see what I said. It wasn’t obnoxious, you just don’t like your ludicrous and paranoid fantasies being held up for what they are.

          8. Milk teeth

            My income would be considerably lower than 0.01% of national income but I still pay my share of income tax at a proportional rate.

          9. edalicious

            Bodger, are you being deliberately ignorant or regular old ignorant? Or are you “just asking questions”?

          10. Rosette of Sirius

            We can’t directly influence what China or America does. We can however influence what we do here. Hence by taking responsibility for what we do we can affect our own change.

            But i get it. We are teenie Eenie weenie and won’t ever come within an asses roar of affecting global levels.

      1. newsjustin

        Precisely. So breaking emissions down by country, as this tweet has done, and suggesting Irish people are grand because there’s not that many of us, is nonsense.

        1. Yep

          It’s also nonsense to call for a cull of rural Ireland and their livelihood as it will make no impact other than people in the “big smoke” feeling better about themselves.

          1. Yep

            I’m actually Dublin born and bred with little interest in GAA (I did meet Charlie Redmond once. Giant head). I just don’t think many people who slate farmers have a clue as to the importance it has for our economy.

            So the whole looking to be doing something approach to a problem we have no real control over annoys me.

            I take your point though. Scamp.

          2. shayna

            I think everyone in Tyrone remembers Charlie Redmond – ’95 All-Ireland Final – he stayed on the pitch for 5 five minutes after he was substituted. 16 Dubs against 15 Red Hand heroes. Also Peter Canavan’s point wasn’t a foul ball. Now, you come to mention it – he does have a large head? I’m sure he’s a lovely fellah.

      2. George

        This argument suggests we can do whatever we want because we’re small and it doesn’t stack up.

        I could use that same argument to defend any bad behaviour on my part be use I’m only one of 5 million people in Ireland so if nobody else breaks the law etc then it doesn’t really matter if I do. If I’m the only person pissing in public it doesn’t make much difference so as long as everyone else stops pissing in public then I’m alright, Jack. A fundamentally selfish argument.

    1. Dhaughton99

      Christ! Just after seeing a video of a woman have a dump in a cafe in San Fran and throw it at a server. Classy.

  3. milk teeth

    As well as the per-capita comment it’s also important to remember we outsource our carbon emissions a lot too. A decent chunk of those Chinese emissions will be from factories/transport and such being used to produce products consumed in the EU.

    1. Cian

      This is true. But the reverse happens too. Over 90% of our beef is for export – and this is a large chunk of our greee house emissions.

      It would be interesting to see the complete breakdown.

    2. Rosette of Sirius

      Which is how we can affect things in other countries indirectly. Don’t buy their stuff. Simple not simple.

      1. Papi

        You’re still hurt by the Lion King/Spice girls debacle, no harm, no foul.
        We’re all a bit shook to be honest. Charger is posting lullabies.

  4. Dave

    Let me count the problems with this post….

    *Source is an alt-right twitter account filled to the brim with racisim and a whole host of conspiricy theory nutbaggery.
    *Ignores population size when counting carbon contributions.
    *Ignores the fact that the amount of CO2 we emmit is cumulative (at least on any timescale relevent for us) and so you need to take into account historical contributions too – particularly relevent when comparing countries like UK or USA with India or China.
    *Ignores global nature of production and so doesn’t account for where the end products of all that emmited carbon ended up.

    30 seconds looking at this should have been enough for anyone with even a minimum of cop on or regard for their own reputation to say “no, I won’t post this pile of extreamly low viscosity male bovine excriment”.

    Please try harder…..

      1. Yep

        “Globalism” is the defining factor as to why emissions are so how but sure glib it up Mezcal.

    1. class wario

      The amount of stuff tweeted by utter loons like this alt right ethnationalist page reshared uncritically on BS atm is not good

    2. Bodger

      Dave, the science is one thing (and we’ve posted thousands of posts in support of your position along with Cllr Dan’s weekly column) the scam is another. Do you support a carbon tax? If yes, who should set the rates? The UN? The World Bank? As our biggest emissions are from methane from cows, presumably herds must be culled. With our insignificant emissions in the grand scheme of things wouldn’t this be purely symbolic, cruel and silly?

      1. Cian

        Why would the herds be culled?
        The price of beef should rise to ofset the ecological cost of production. And then the people can decide if they can afford red meat 5 days a week.
        But it won’t just be Irish beef – everything should include the ecological cost in the price. Maybe we’d stop buying expensive Cyprus potatoes and start sourcing cheaper local ones?

    3. CO2 is Food For Plants

      Dave is pretending that CO2 is toxic in the atmosphere. It is not.

      Atmospheric CO2 is essential to life on earth – without it no food.

      97% of atmospheric CO2 is natural in origin – human’s produce only 3% of the earth’s annual CO2 budget.

      So Ireland produces less than 1% of 3% of atmospheric CO2.

      That’s 1% of 12 parts per million or a total of 0.000000012% of the total volume of CO2 which – remember – is an ATMOSPHERIC NUTRIENT !!!

      30 seconds thinking about this should have been enough for anyone with even a minimum of cop on or regard for their own reputation to say “no, I won’t post this pile of extremely low viscosity male bovine excrement”.

      But Dave couldn’t help himself.

      Try harder.

  5. Cormac

    I have a solution to global warming: Divide the big countries into lots of tiny ones so everyone is emitting less than 1% – problem solved! Nobel prize please…

  6. George

    God, the Trump support and denial of same didn’t get rid of me this has. My last comment on Broadsheet. Sad it used to be a fun site

  7. Pat

    I think Bodger and Nick are both somewhere between ‘a’ and ‘b’ on the bell curve in the previous post

    Maybe a bit closer to ‘a’ – no offence lads

  8. Truth in the News

    Our Carbon Emissions the attempt to reduce them won’t make one bit of
    difference and the so called Green Party would be better employed if they
    did something about the destruction of the landscape by wind farms and

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