39 thoughts on “What You’re Probably Already Wearing This Summer

      1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

        That’s you off my wedding guest list… and I was going to sit you next to you know who and all….

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          I could have played footsie,
          surely you wouldn’t deny the man the frisson under your starched linen tablecloths

  1. class wario

    Last two posts have been about fish in some capacity. Hope this trend continues throughout the day.

          1. B9Com From No

            You know I think I was modded because of my name calling and aggressive badgering of other commenters via multiple posts on the same threads which is tedious and a bore. But I knew that.

            But a biker I knew used to refer to his helmet as a lid!

  2. Bertie Blenkinsop

    Seriously though Chompsky, you know how you cover peoples eyes to hide their identity… any chance of covering up manky feet?
    This photo has put me in the horrors all day.

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