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      1. eoin

        In fairness to Maeve Sheehan, she appears to be spearheading the effort to get at a confidential report commissioned by the Housing Agency into housing associations. The Housing Agency has now gone to the High Court to stop the report being released.

        Housing associations are so powerful, they control a multiple of the homes controlled by vultures yet they’re generally escaping scrutiny.

        Well done Maeve and good luck at the High Court (it’s the Data Commissioner the Housing Agency is suing, but it’s Maeve trying to get her hands on the report).

  1. eoin

    Wow! Front page of London Times (not the Sunday Times, Ireland edition though….)

    “EU countries are secretly wooing Boris Johnson in a bid to thrash out a new Brexit plan that would avoid a no-deal disaster as he prepares to take over as prime minister this week.

    Senior Irish politicians and diplomats have held peace talks with two of Johnson’s cabinet allies in recent days.

    German and French figures, as well as the Dutch and Belgian governments, have also established contacts with Johnson’s team and signalled an intention to do a deal.”

    1. eoin

      Simon Coveney gets a full comment piece in the London Times also. It’s a well-written piece that seeks to protect the backstop which both Boris and the other one say must go. It concludes “The Irish government looks forward to meeting and engaging with the new prime minister.”

      It aint over ’til the fat lady sings.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      “anti-Brexit MOS”

      softer stance than it had before and during the referendum, but it’s certainly not anti-brexit

      1. Charger Salmons

        You’re quite right of course.
        Under Geordie Greig it was the direct opposite of Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail which campaigned vigorously for Brexit.
        Greig has moved to the DM and turned that paper against Brexit.
        The MOS less so now.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          you might say it’s a fine line that it’s skillfully navigating

          it can’t go full anti-brexit as that would enrage the tantrum-prone little englanders who shell out for it, but, at the same time, it’s seemingly woken up to the self-serving calamity that’s brexit

          you have to wonder though if subtlety is something the thick-skulled little englanders can cope with – the impact of cheap lager and street fights on mental faculty etc

  2. eoin

    Ex-governor of the Irish Central Bank, Patrick Honohan’s book “Currency, Credit and Crisis” is worth a read. It was published two months ago, but alas, Patrick wasn’t invited on the Late Late Show to promote it.

    Patrick should have called it “Stuff I didn’t tell the Oireachtas banking inquiry in 2015 when I had the chance” because it does contain some interesting insider revelations.

    The Sunday Times reports today the Central Bank examined debt writedowns for unde-water mortgage borrowers when the FG government with Michael Noonan was unwilling to countenance any such thing.

        1. Johnny Green

          -except at the very least the maple ten one that’s personally guaranteed and which is subject to ongoing litigation and has absolutely NOT been repaid to the state,so now we have establish that statement is a lie and just completely false and misleading…..if only there was like a journalist or hack doing a profile :)
          ‘The two businessman and their property company sued IBRC’s liquidators, Kieran Wallace and Eamonn Richardson, alleging in the Delaware bankruptcy court – where the bank’s US subsidiary is being wound up – fraud, misrepresentation and breach of duties of care to Mr McKillen over the €45 million loan.
          IBRC sued Mr McKillen in the Irish courts in July 2014 to recover a quarter of the loan extended by the bank to the businessman who, with nine other long-standing borrowers of Anglo, took a 10 per cent stake in the bank with the loans from the institution, helping Anglo unwind Seán Quinn’s investment in July 2008.
          Mr McKillen and his business partner turned to the US court to fight the case, prompting the liquidators to argue that it was an attempt to “end-run” the bank’s action to recover the loan in the Irish courts.‘

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Well Noonan limited the ‘investigation ‘ to amounts ABOVE €10m. The excuse was ‘time’. The real reason may never be known

  3. eoin

    Susan Mitchell is back in the SBP today with an interview with Derek Scally, but the paper is looking shaky, slimmed-down and dominated by trinkets on the periphery of business. It’ll be another month before the circulation figs for Jan-June 2019 are published, but I’d be shocked if it’s shifting more than 20,000 copies a week. And presumably the decision to appoint an editor after a year without, is only to give it the appearance of being a serious paper which meets the threshold needed so the owners can sell it.

      1. eoin

        Was she not absent for a couple of weeks? She’s the best health sector journalist in Ireland and I missed her.

        1. Lilly

          I agree she’s excellent but don’t get the SBP so hadn’t noticed she’d been gone. Probably badly needed two weeks away from reporting on the HSE, Cervical Test basket cases.

  4. eoin

    Congrats to all of Minister Katherine Zappone’s appointments at the Oberstown Children Detention centre. But, what is this? There’s a bunch of re-appointments. Surely that can’t be correct. Hasn’t Oberstown been roundly criticised in a report which the Minister can’t even publish for legal reasons?


    Why would you re-appoint people who aren’t, it would seem, doing a great job?

    Mr Tadgh Delaney Re-appointment 4 years
    Mr Eamon Clavin Re-appointment 4 years
    Mr Pat Rooney Re-appointment 3 years
    Ms Elizabeth Howard Re-appointment 3 years
    Mr Laoise Manners Re-appointment 2 years
    Mr Craig Mulligan New appointment 2 years
    Ms Linda Creamer Re-appointment 4 years
    Mr Don O’Leary Re-appointment 3 years
    Ms Emer Woodful Re-appointment 3 years
    Ms Jennifer Gargan New appointment 4 years
    Ms Bernadette Costello New appointment 4 years
    Mr John McDaid New appointment 4 years

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Not Zappone’s decision. After all she owes FG big time – ministerial post and allowed to game the mileage allowance by thousands yearly .

    1. bisted

      …seems to exhibit multiple persona but in reality is just the tiresome same old, same old…

      1. some old quare

        Well you are the one who used the derogatory term.

        As commented by others on various threads previously , it would be nice to have one day a week without all the cat swipes.

      1. Lilly

        I seriously doubt FO’T is weighed down with jealousy. The Irish Times may have had its heyday but The Daily Telegraph is a rag.

          1. Charger Salmons

            The only thing Fintan O’Foole wins is fawning obsequecy from his chums on fellow left-wing and largely unnoticed organs such as The Guardian.
            Boris is box office.
            But after the Autumn election it’ll be the Boris and Nigel show.
            And you lot will be too busy trying to survive on nettle soup and an Abrekebabra snack box to feed a family of five once a No Deal Brexit turns the green fields of Ireland into a Blade Runner-esque nightmare landscape of rundown farms and toothless peasants gurning for American tourists.
            But Ireland will have your backs.
            After they’ve come for your corporate tax rates.

      2. millie st murderlark

        Are your skills of discernment really that poor?

        Either way, fantastic entertainment. Point and laugh.

  5. GiggidyGoo

    ROFL. More fantasy figures.
    Behaviour and Attitude Poll Sunday Times.
    Fianna Fail: 30% (+2%)
    Fine Gael: 26% (+3%)
    Sinn Fein 14% (+2%)
    Labour: 5% (unchanged)
    Greens: 7% (-4%)
    Solidarity-PBP: 2% (unchanged)
    Ind Alliance: 4% (+1%)
    Soc Dems: 1% (unchanged)
    Ind/Others: 8% (-5%)

      1. GiggidyGoo

        The grassroots won’t forget how they were sold out in the Leadership ‘contest’. The buckos that attached themselves to Varadkar are in trouble with their constituents, but more so with those that help out at election times. Varadkar’s childishness and his lack of competence will be rewarded quite quickly by the grassroots.

  6. GiggidyGoo

    So, and updates on the Paul Kelly / Console case. Las i heard was that in January this year he was brought for a drive by the Gardai.
    Funny enough, he was reported to be at the centre of a HSE probe as well. The silence is deafening.

  7. eoin

    Can ex-Gardai write books which exploit confidential information obtained by the Garda in the course of his duty?

    The Irish Sun on Sunday reports a retired Garda is to publish a book about a murder which he investigated.

    1. Catherine costelloe

      Yes is the answer. This particular detective appears to have the support of the victims family ( which is something I suppose) and is of the belief that the man serving life would kill again if released on parole.
      Commissioner Harris would be aware of concerns voiced though !

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Im sure they would have to have signed something when they first joined about not divulging priveledged information.

  8. B9Com From No

    So do Sindo readers increasingly trend towards retirement age Eoin?
    Had a look through there now and it’s nearly all about oul fellas losing their shirts in the boom and their wives hating them

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