She Is Among Us


This morning.

Newbridge, County Kildare.

Olivia ‘Neutron Bomb’ Newton-John (joined by Amy Huberman, above) at the the opening of an exhibition representing her career at the Newbridge Silverware Museum of Style Icons.

Tell me about it, stud?

OK. Featuring the  star’s Grease (1978) leather jacket and pants, ‘Physical’ and Xanadu (1980) wardrobe pieces and other memorabilia, the exhibition will be on display to the public free of charge from today until August 18.

I’ve got chills.

My pleasure.

They’re multiplying.

That can happen. You may also lose control.

It’s electrifying.


Newbridge Museum of Style Icons

Pics: Photocall Ireland

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3 thoughts on “She Is Among Us

  1. some old quare

    Olivia ‘Neutron Bomb’ Newton-John joined by Amy Huberman.

    Did she roll off the plane as a flat pack or something? Was there bits falling off- like Cher?

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