The Drumcondra Grand Cinema – known as ‘The Drummer’- was the first cinema in Ireland to be specifically designed for sound films.

Now a Tesco Metro.

That’s showbiz.

Thanks Mick O’Farrell

10 thoughts on “Grand Job

        1. The Old Boy

          Did the Herald not have a split grille? I’m happy to be corrected, of course.

          Edit: I see two votes for the Herald, so my memory is clearly faulty.

          1. Paulus

            There were variants: there was a version with a split grille, also a Vitesse and a convertible which was popular.
            I presume engine access was very good because the entire bonnet and wings tipped forwards. But then I’ve never had my head under one!

          2. martco

            nevermind the Herald
            there’s a VW Transporter panel van on the rhs there (IF you can find one) worth many many multiples of that oul Herald

            TOB, I think you could be thinking of a Wolseley? (as a child I always liked their very cool trademark lit up grille badge for some reason)

          3. Paulus

            The minibus version of that vintage VW van was effortlessly gorgeous :
            Then its successor was the most charmless bland box on wheels.

          4. The Old Boy

            Martco – Before I had a close look I thought it was from the BMC Oxford-Cambridge-15/60 family, though not a Wolseley! They had very distinctive front ends with tall, squarish grilles.

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