‘Dropping’ tonight.

Johnny Keenan writes:

At some point this evening, RiRa the undisputed King of Irish hip hop will release what is sure to be another belter…

Following on his creative collaboration with life long friend Cras Cass this is the second video the lads worked on, on location in TTown aka Tullamore.

In a week where Offaly celebrated local legend Shane Lowry we still had to wake up to the reality of more jobs being culled and none look likely to be created.

It’s good to be brought back to earth with a little bit of Offaly levity. Thanks to RiRa and Crass Cass.

In the meantime feel free to check out RiRa’s YouTube channel where 110 packages of pure passion and serious talent await the curious and creative…

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8 thoughts on “The Real RiRa

  1. Papi

    Love it! Rí Rá were the group I dropped my very first bold thing for. Them and Scary Eire, on the same bill. Cheers, Johnny!

      1. Papi

        Ah, as mentioned though, I was a tad preoccupied. Was it ruille buille I’m thinking of?

  2. Peter Dempsey

    Johnny, what is The Left’s take on Shane Lowry? Most prominent lefties seem to be silent this week. Not offering any congratulations. I know many of them hate golf and all that goes with it.

    1. Johnny Keenan

      Peter I don’t know about golf and elitism in Offaly.
      some lads I know would swing the club on a Sunday morning and enjoy it’s social and competitive nature.

      Lowry is a proud BIFFO aka Beautiful Intelligent Fella From Offaly, and his rise to continued success can only be good for the county, enticing the golf tourist.
      Not speaking on behalf of the comrades but the cynic might say the 800 job losses at Shannonbridge BNM and ESB was a news story over looked. One worth keeping an eye on though.

      Diversification is what we boggers are good at.

      1. Peter Dempsey

        Thanks Johnny, that’s good to know. Glad that some people enjoy it. Agree re the social aspect, great way to get to know people. My parents joined a club before I was born. New to the area and they made lifelong friends from it.

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