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Kneecap – Thart Agus Thart

Gael force.

On the eve of St Patrick’s Day, the New York Times ran a feature on pioneering Belfast Irish-language hip-hop trio Kneecap.

Great to see Irish artists recognised abroad and thanks to reader Johnny for alerting us to the progress of an act we first championed back in 2017.

The lads – Mo Chara, Moglai Bap and DJ Provai – wrote Thart Agus Thart during lockdown and it was produced by BLVTH.

The video was directed by Peadar O Goill.

As one YouTube commenter wrote:

“This is how the language will revive.”

Nick says: More power to your Kneecap.


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‘Dropping’ tonight.

Johnny Keenan writes:

At some point this evening, RiRa the undisputed King of Irish hip hop will release what is sure to be another belter…

Following on his creative collaboration with life long friend Cras Cass this is the second video the lads worked on, on location in TTown aka Tullamore.

In a week where Offaly celebrated local legend Shane Lowry we still had to wake up to the reality of more jobs being culled and none look likely to be created.

It’s good to be brought back to earth with a little bit of Offaly levity. Thanks to RiRa and Crass Cass.

In the meantime feel free to check out RiRa’s YouTube channel where 110 packages of pure passion and serious talent await the curious and creative…

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Leigh Michael and Chap Stallion – E- 14

Fancy some decent Irish rap?

Bray, County Wicklow rapper Leigh Michael has teamed up with producer Chap Stallion for a forthcoming album ‘Secret Herbs Vol. 2’.

The lead single ‘E-14’ (above), which ‘dropped’ this week, features Leigh laying down some seriously impressive rhyming wordsmithery over a bouncy upbeat instrumental:

“Anxiety rise intertwined with your dial-up speed/ It’s why I find night sky is a diamond feed.”

Got ya.

Nick says: Leigh’s got the flow.

Leigh Michael

Leigh Michael (feat Bríd Gallagher)- Lyricology

Decent Bray, County Wicklow-rapper Leigh writes:

On Saturday March 2, Fluttertone productions and I are launching our single ‘Lyricology’ featuring Bríd Gallagher, upstairs in the ‘Workman’s Club Vintage Room’.

Lyricology (above) will be available on all major streaming platforms on the same date (March 2nd). The night will feature a performance from myself Zimback, Staz and Bríd with support from special guests Wax White, Row-B & Carl Phrench.

Leigh Michael – official Release of Lyricology (facebook events)

Leigh Michael

Staz Beats & Leigh Michael & Zimback – Spider Fight

Bray emcee Leigh Michael and Parisian producer Staz Beats join forces with Osaka, Japan rapper Zimback for their first release.

Leigh writes:

We have been performing together around Dublin for just under a year blending bilingual lyrics and balancing a new international fusion of hip hop. Bound by the webs of anxiety,In ‘Spider Fight’, me and Zimback battle the shadow self over Staz’s dark and menacing beat….

Leigh Michael

Bray-based rapper Leigh Michael goes backwards

Leigh writes:

In the latest episode of A Capella Archive I shake things up by writing my rhyme in reverse.

Beginning with the last line and working my way to the opening.

I find writing practice excercises like this can be a useful tool to combat writer’s block.

Leigh Michael

RTL – 432_uncertainty

A stunning new EP from RTL – aka Wicklow-based rapper Rob Toal Lennon- dealing with mental health, the creative process and ‘the uncertainty of the road less travelled.’

Rob writes:

For the past 2 years I have been plagued with doubt about what I want to do with my music, my life & the direction I want to take them both.

I find myself constantly constricted by my own thoughts as I long for one thing but chase another. Consistently harming my mental health & my close relationships which I find crucial to my life.

This innate desire to create something that my friends & family can appreciate & enjoy is something I need to satisfy, not only for myself, but for those I actually care about to make them feel like they have invaluable input into my life & my happiness.

But this process has been challenging & the path less travelled is riddled with uncertainty.

This album represents this. This album is about this growing uncertainty I constantly stare in the face. Waiting for something special to happen & not appreciating the journey. Never really knowing what I want but fighting to make sure everyone else does.

Lying to myself about what makes me “ME” but making sure you only see truth. I do not like this uncertainty. I welcome this uncertainty. Life is about the push & pull between doing what you want to do & doing what you feel like you have to do. And I have to do this.

Accurately representing this journey that I’m on while still making some decent tunes in the process.

This have been my labour of love & hate for 2 years. Thank you to my family & friends, this album is dedicated to yous, & if any of you get anything out of listening to this, that’s job done.