The former Christian Brothers school Eblana Avenue, Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin(top) and how it will look as a co-living hub

The new bedsits Co-living.

Now with ‘cooking facilities’.

Permission has been granted for a 208-bedroom co-living scheme in Dún Laoghaire on condition that each unit will have its own cooking facilities.

Developers Bartra Capital Property issued a statement welcoming the decision, saying that it reflects Ireland’s need to cater for changing living habits.

… the shared accommodation model involves en-suite bedrooms of just 16.5 square metres with communal living areas and kitchens.

The original application involved one kitchen for every 40 people.

Good, squashy times.

200 co-living homes proposed for Dún Laoghaire (RTÉ)

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14 thoughts on “Good To Co

  1. j9

    It seems a bit stinky that this is the 3rd highly questionable proposal by bartra to have been given the go ahead by an bord planeala in Dun Laoghaire over the last few weeks, despite many, many objections and the recommendations of it’s own planning inspector not to grant permission. Also, there will be killlings over the shared kitchens …

    1. Murtles

      Indeed Sanjeev will want to cook his curries while Mairead is mad for her garlic n eggs chicken. Place will be rank within a week.

  2. BS

    While it might suit some of the transient tech workers from other countries, it is all in all a horrible idea and wont suit any one looking to find a “home” but them again Irelands rental system isnt set up to allow you to settle anywhere to make a home.

    But jesus, €1300 a month for something that size?

  3. Leapleg

    3.2 Million a year rent to the landlord. Any valid data that shows ‘Young Professionals’ will live here? Eventually HAP will pay a fair percentage of rents in this development I’d say. Tax payers money again funnelled towards the friends of our esteemed politicians…

  4. diddy

    you’d need to be taking home at least 3000 a month to shell out for this. that’s 55k gross pa. approx. and be young hip and single. small enough market.

    1. Mr.Fart

      i make 55k pa and my rent is 1000 pm and it’s not easy. with bills on top, and cost of living, you have enough to get by week to week, but if any additional costs arise (medical bills, weddings, etc) it suddenly gets very difficult. as for a holiday, forget it, just doesnt happen. so an extra 300 on top every month would be extremely hard on that money. its a complete disaster and no one will afford it.

  5. GiggidyGoo

    “changing living habits” Pardon? A habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly. So we haven’t had these slums so far, so there’s no routine, no behaviour, and as such isn’t being repeated. Corporate spake.
    The change is Yoghan Murphy’s and FGs capitulation to the corporate landlords who own them. The next step is sleeping pods. Boutique hotel ones mind you.

  6. scottser

    crosscare and later, dublin simon ran homeless shelters from there back in the day. ironic that new residents will have similar facilities and have to pay a grand per month for it.

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