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Ah now.

This afternoon.

Assistant Garda Commissioner David Sheahan with Moyagh Murdock, Chief Executive of the Road Safety Authority (RSA)  unveiling a road safety progress review, covering the period January 1 – July 29, 2019… with the visual aid of a Northern-Ireland-may-not-even-exist-for-all-we-care map.

*shakes fist*

Leah Farrell/RollingNews


National Road Policing unit Garda Mark Murphy and actor Conor Creaby this afternoon

This afternoon.

Store Street, Dublin.

The “Mobility App” will also allow individual gardaí to process fixed charge notices, cutting down on back office paperwork and allowing gardaí to spend more time in the community…

…The app can also add Eircodes to addresses using secure web services. Some 2,000 individual gardaí are to be designated to use the app by the end of this year.

What could possibly go wrong?

New Garda mobile app ‘will revolutionise roads policing’ (Irish Times)

Leah Farrell/RollingNews

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17 thoughts on “Missed A Bit

      1. eoin

        + €40 MILLION

        And because they collect all those driving licence fees, no-one challenges their expenses.

        Is that political appointee still chairwoman? You know the one, still parks in the Leinster House car park?

  1. martco

    oh it’s there alrite

    (my guess is the map was produced sometime around the 12th July and it’s just obscured behind all the smoke. but culture, y’know)

  2. Pip

    Road deaths per 100,000 of population 2016. We’re doing very well.
    Norway 2.7
    Sweden 2.8
    UK 3.1
    Germany 4.1
    Rep Ireland 4.1
    Spain 4.1
    Italy 5.6
    Poland 9.7

      1. Pip

        That’s really outstanding.
        In 1972, far fewer cars/trips it was 640 deaths.
        Cars, roads and driving wonderfully improved.

        1. Danny

          In 1972, almost everyone I knew, myself included had no bother driving half pissed or fully pissed!

      2. Zaccone

        Thats great to hear/see. Presumably a combination of safer technology in cars, more Gardai hired post-recession and back out enforcing speed/drunk driving limits, and the expansion of the motorway network are all playing their part.

  3. Mountain Talk

    Alarm – Fear – more Fear. Who benefits. Cops w/ their (money making) check points. Insurance companies increasing rates. Driving License training gouging. Where’s the poster showing who takes the Train. Who can afford it.
    Pure fear money making Propaganda. Actually who handles the RSA fear campaigns ? Cambridge Analytica

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