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    1. eoin

      “A spokesperson for the council thanked Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht Josepha Madigan for the “significant contribution” of €2 million from her department to the project. ..The project, which has faced serious criticism from local and national politicians, has been estimated to cost €8.5 million, with the initial purchase price set at €660,000 for the house owned by Robinson’s brother. ”

      Has she returned the €1.1m from her liquidated climate change foundation to her donors, including the Irish taxpayer, yet?

        1. eoin

          €150,000 was the price for the most recent sale on Bachelor’s Walk in Ballina in December 2017, the same street as Mary Robinson’s birth place.

          The taxpayer is paying €660,000 for Mary’s place, which has been given a name to prettify it and increase its value. What name, you ask? Why, it’s the Famine queen herself, Victoria House.

          What political party is kicking up a stink about this? Not a single one which is on Mayo county council which includes FF, FG and SF.

    1. martco

      she actually looks drugged to me

      aha! so maybe that’s what’s going on over there….some sort of bad Bond plot re-enactment, like Goldfinger?

    2. B9Com From No

      Caravan of Salmonella?

      I don’t think we can expect him much round here after last night’s serial humiliation

  1. eoin

    So Irish Water didn’t even know they were discharging pee and poo into the Liffey until Dublin City Council told them? This from RTE about the Liffey Swim today.

    “Dublin City Council said Irish Water was also made aware yesterday of an overflow or discharge of sewage from the Irish Water sewer network. The statement said the discharge may have been active for some days before it was rectified but added that Irish Water had told them that the matter had been resolved.”

    If you want to give Irish Water restless nights, then make the Liffeyt Swim a monthly event.

    1. eoin

      And Irish Water is not some faceless organisation. Its management have names and most are appointed and presumably removed if necessary by Eoghan Murphy.

      “Irish Water has an Executive Board comprising four members. The current members are:

      Cathal Marley (Chairman and Acting Ervia Group CEO)
      Eamon Gallen (Irish Water Acting MD)
      Brendan Murphy (Ervia)
      Michael O’Sullivan (Ervia)
      The Board of Ervia consists of ten non-executive members (including the Chairman), who are appointed by the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government

      The Board of Ervia is committed to achieving the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical business conduct.”


      1. eoin

        “sewer debris” by Christian Lacroix

        The latest in Irish Water’s Dublin rivers and seas range.

  2. eoin

    Stephen McGuire provides a syndicated story about Irish Water and the €66,700 connection fee for a house that’s 270 metres away from the mains pipe in Donegal. The story is in the Times “Ireland” and the Examiner front page above.

    However, we’re not getting the full story. Irish Water say the standard connection is €2,272 but in this case, they list out a number of services and works needed to get the water to this new home.

    However, the bould Stephen doesn’t give us a breakdown. So, is Irish Water scalping a decent rural family. Or is the rural family taking the mickey by siting their home in a difficult to reach site. Given the household only decided to consult Irish Water after two years into building their home, I’m reserving judgement.

  3. eoin

    Garda Reynolds for RTE gives a great account of how totally brilliant the Gardai are for seizing around 4% of the narcotics supply into Ireland and around 0.2% of the cash generated from drug trafficking. Of course, Paul omits to mention all this context, while he gushes forth all the Gardai’s success in their expensive war against the Kinahan drug trafficking organisation.And Garda Paul also omits to mention the KInahans are living the life of Reilly in Dubai unconcerned about the expensive work by Irish gardai to track down a teensy % of their business.


  4. eoin

    Daily Express continues its lobbying for the British govt to pay for a CF drug already being funded in Ireland.

    If I’m reading the figures right, the UK is offering around £10,000 per patient per year for the drug (£108m a year for 10,500 CF sufferers).

    In Ireland, the drug company was looking for €159,000 per patient per year.

    Is Ireland being royally screwed (again)?

  5. eoin

    It’s a small, small world, isn’t it.

    The new acting chief executive at Dermot Desmond’s Datalex (still suspended from the Irish Stock Exchange for not producing accurate financial information) is a non-executive director of Denis O’Brien’s Digicel, alongside other luminaries such as Leslie Buckley.


    Will Sean Corkery be sprinkling his financial magic gold dust over Datalex?

  6. Rosette of Sirius

    Hey anyone aware of the water bottling company behind the bottled water recall? SiL of mine worked for one in the West years back and left as the conditions there were a sight to behold. Very very scary stuff. Wonder if it’s the same outfit.

  7. Johnny Green

    Deep dive into the Catholic Church and slavery,makes you wonder how many Irish citizens they sold…

    “Nothing else to do than to dispose of the family of Negroes,” Mother Agnes Brent, the convent’s superior, wrote in 1821 as she approved the sale of a couple and their two young children. The enslaved woman was just days away from giving birth to her third child.”


  8. MFKeane

    Kathryn brings bootcamp to Spain … so what. I love seeing pushy and entitled RTE lackeys get free advertising for their private businesses.

  9. Truth in the News

    Will Water Tax be introduced again in order that RTE can fleece everyone
    The outfit is bankrupt, why is it not wound up and shut down, what we
    here is Fine Gael party trying to curry favor with RTE for the next election
    The populace need to organize to be rid of them and their attempt to
    extort additional funds to waste on daft programme ventures, what was
    spent on Bannon;s Australian expedition on viewing the fancy houses of
    the Australian super rich….?

    1. eoin

      Seasonally adjusted unemployment crept up slightly in July to 4.6%. I think it’s fair to say unemployment is plateauing and, contrary to what some old school economists will tell you, 5% in 2019 is not “full employment”, indeed in modern countries where non-participation rates are so high, full employment is probably closer to 2% (the UK’s unemployment rate is 3.7% and they’re certainly not at “full employment”.

      Also, last week, the CSO revealed that 10 (ten) companies account for 46% of all Irish manufacturing with the other 3,963 accounting for 54%. Well done FGers for your prudent economic management which has put all our eggs in certain multi national pharmaceutical companies.


  10. scottser

    Hmm, how to stop Irish water polluting our rivers and seas and create free energy?
    Harvest hydrogen from urine.
    This time next year Rodney..

  11. Truth in the News

    Don’t bother hydrogen, extract the other parts, French did it years ago, when they were
    blockaded from their sources of saltpetere (potassium nitrate) in the right mix it certainly
    cleared a lot of blockages

  12. martco

    more happy tales from norniron

    it seems that BBC NI have had to stop their coverage of Belfast Pride. A complaint lodged by some tool called Jim Allister who is apparently the leader of something called the TUVP (Traditional Unionist Voice Party) alleged coverage broke impartiality rules by implicitly endorsing same-sex marriage. He complained that involvement in Belfast Pride showed the BBC “is emphatically, unequivocally, unapologetically, on the side of the political debate represented by the LGBT community” and was “very clearly declaring what its values are on this issue”.

    but like culture etc.

    1. some old quare

      i agree with Jim Allister – I hate the colour grey too- it is part of the colour spectrum however.

      As of this time-date stamp, trivago.ie presents 3 hotels in the entire city of Belfast < €300- awful isn't it?

      Europa Hotel, Belfast is scheduled to be bombed again of course- this time by the gays- absolute chancers.

  13. Lilly

    Tragic death of Paul Hill’s daughter at just 22. A few newspapers have referred to her stepmother Stephanie, which reminded me of an awkward moment during an interview with her mother Courtney Kennedy a few months ago, when Ryan Tubridy asked about her ex Paul Hill and she insisted they were still together.

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