13 thoughts on “Cos We Want To

  1. Spud

    I saw lots of morbidly obese, balding superheroes around town.
    Really hope no one needed saving.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I saw lots of folk of different shapes and hair coverage having a really good time in the city over the weekend; GAA fans, rugby fans, horsey folk, Cosplay-ers, hens, stags, tourists.

      1. Spud

        You’ve unmasked me!! EuroSaverMan!!

        Ah, it was great to see in fairness.
        Made for some brilliant photos. Some unknown caped superhero at an ATM in the IFSC was a great sight.
        I take it these events are far better run than before? Wasn’t there a huge problem a year or so ago?

  2. Ian-O

    Looks like they had a good time. Not sure why people have an issue with it, its preferable to people getting hammered and falling around the place or getting aggressive.

    Bet there was no trouble whatsoever at this either – each to their own, especially when its people quietly enjoying their hobbies in a social setting.

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