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    1. V

      The principal one is there over the red line
      Familiarity with claims assessment, insurance industry, particularly personal injury area;

      That’s deliberately looking for people with direct industry interests therefore introducing Conflicts and Bias and the risk of Influence to a Board

      All Directors should be Independent
      and therefore from ALL areas of professional endeavour

      Governance, previous Director Experience, Strategic Planning and Financial Planning and the ability to interpret financial reports should be the only criteria after demonstrable INDEPENDENCE

      None of these State Boards should be stocked by a Government Minister

      1. Joe

        Why is it biased to have experience, my role wouldn’t be give to someone without the appropriate experience.

        1. V

          Bias and at risk of influence because they will inherently represent the industry / employer’s best interests

          The ultimate and principal requirement of any Non-Executive Director (NED), especially on a State Board is to be Independent
          Followed by Governance and previous NED experience, Strategic Planning and Financial Reporting. Also IMO Risk Management should be a requirement.

        1. V

          You are not representing the sector or any interest or the stakeholders in it

          A Non-Executive Director’s function and responsibility is ONLY to the Organisation – which will also be a LTD/DAC/PLC entity. There is a privacy seal around the Board meeting and the discussions, and minutes should record attendance, decisions made, votes and minority opinion / dissention. These minutes, once approved, should be made available to external auditors, internal auditors, regulators and their agents.

          They are tasked with Stewardship of that organisation, achieving and maintaining its strategic plan, along with compliance of that organisation across a whole suite of obligations.
          (Financial, Employer, Mission Statement, Reputation, AML and whatever you’re having yourself)

          This vacancy is specifically inviting special interests onto the board, when in fact they should only be invited to participate in Strategic Planning Seminars and Round Tables/ Forums, and the odd Committee as observers slash contributors without a vote

          Jobs for the boys

          1. V

            An independent Director doesn’t need sectoral expertise

            Do you think directors of say
            Ok The Coombe
            Who I reported to one time myself
            Are all OBGYNs and Healthcare professionals?

            And as a director myself of a regulated entity
            And a representative body
            I can confirm that an All Walks of Life Board Room is the best and the safest way any entity is in good hands

            Remember we are only there for a short while
            And we are there to ensure the organisation continues to function – that’s why they call it going concern and we are tasked to ensure the organisation – no matter it’s legal structure, will outlive all of us.

            We are required, actually it is demanded, that NEDs only make decisions in the best interest of the Board of the entity they are sitting on when that meeting is called to order.
            That’s the job of the NED
            And it’s the job of the Chair to recognise, record, call out and question any conflicts. (As well as extract and demand the very best from their fellow directors)

            But it is the responsibility of every individual Director to fulfill their function Honestly, Transparently, with Integrity, and make decisions on behalf of the entity Independently so that it’s best interests are served at all times.

            And I haven’t even got to Fitness and Probity yet!

            This ad is specifically inviting the Industry itself to put people forward.

  1. andy moore

    Would not one who has pursued a claim or numerous claims qualify also ? & May have experience of the true cost of physical & mental anguish involved in the due process >> As would one who has been successful in numerous fraudulent claims , but in many cases they may have advice from lower echelons within Insurance Monolith >>

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