10 thoughts on “How Much?

    1. Slightly Bemused

      I remember in the late 80s a small publisher came out with a new ag science book, and started selling books of former exam papers. It was set up by a teacher who wanted to help his students.
      Previously, the papers could be got individually only and, I heard but cannot confirm, they had deliberate errors in case someone tried to reprint them (this was a known practice in the early days of publishing, map-making, etc). As I understand it, Folens went to try to suppress them, failed, and so started coming out with books of papers of their own. A case of trying to protect their investment at the expense of the student.

      1. Chuckenstein

        To be fair, I doubt they gave a toss about students. A bit like how a publican just cares that the best customers keeps drinking

  1. Tony

    And then they change the page numbers so you can’t pass the books on second hand .

    it’s a dirty racket

  2. Jeffrey

    I suspect quite a bit of lobbying from the book publishers to keep the sale of books going and not even providing a E-Book version of it to students – this would mean kids who have computers or tablets could leave the heavy books at school – they also now routinely “update” (a page here and there) the books every year so that even second hand is not viable for most. Bananaland.

  3. Joe Small

    There’s a school book grant scheme for low income families and many schools run school book loan scheme to alleviate the hardship.

    Someone above mentioned e-books. The latest research suggests children learn better from hard copy books than electronic screens. Hence the parent outrage against the school that is insisting all keeps get iPads at the parents’ expense.

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