It’s In Their Genes


From top: Junior minister at the Department of State, Finian McGrath; Former Labour Party Senator Lorraine Higgins, now a lobbyist with MKC Communications

June 20, 2019.


They can’t help it.

Good times.

Minister turned up at PR event for genetic-data harvesting firm as a ‘favour’ (Sunday Business Post – behind paywall)

Previously: Former top civil servant joins MKC Communications

MKC Communications?

7 thoughts on “It’s In Their Genes

  1. eoin

    “This is why ex-politicians are hot property in the PR and lobbying industries. It’s also why they should be banned from those industries for several years after they lose their seat or step down”

    It’s also why they should be banned from news and current affairs programmes where they are wheeled out as independent commentators, when, in fact, they are being paid handsomely to promote an interest or to undermine a rival interest.

    News and current affairs programmes can get a rep from one of these lobbying companies – who will speak well and articulately, won’t libel anyone, has media training and won’t cost you a penny – at the drop of a hat.

    Marian, The TV3 Tonight Show, Prime Time are the worst offenders.

    1. V

      You forgot to include the SBP themselves

      but then, most people have some conflicts, but as long as it’s declared – either in a disclosure or a register
      then the man on the street is then in a position to form their own opinion based on all the facts

      I suspect a number of contributors / commentators here have a number of undisclosed conflicts, that is how most forums work anyway.

      If anyone’s interested – because I know this particular area in one of the most boring Subjects in any business or accountancy course, but it is a particular field of mine, here’s something that might help

      1. eoin

        You’re right of course, V and the SBP is probably the worst offender at present for promoting interests [but, they’re all at it to some extent].

        But still, there’s still something particularly nefarious about wheeling a PR person on as an independent commentator on the #2 most listened to RTE radio prog, the #1 (frequently) TV3 programme after soaps or on one of the Top #5 most viewed RTE programmes.

        1. V

          Or even a member of the Board of Directors………………..

          Ah look what’s the point

          its all been going on for decades
          in every walk of life
          lets be honest about it
          It’s only since FOI and the Internet has anyone actually given it (conflict of interest, bias, influence etc) a second thought
          And even then its just talking heads, like the likes of me, cribbing
          We achieved nothing
          Nothing changes,
          Its still a mans jobs for the boys and their special interests world
          And that’s a fact

  2. Lurch

    Lobbying is a dirty dirty business.
    Even when it is declared (often it is not), it rarely is for the public good. Big corporations do just dandy from it, however.
    They (Lobbyists) must be so proud of their achievements.

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