Fillum By Women


Free next week?

Dublin Feminist Film Festival writes:

This summer’s Dublin Feminist Film Festival shows at Dublin’s Lighthouse Cinema from Thursday, 22 to 24 August and takes a look through the lens at work by some of Ireland’s best female talent including Kirsten Sheridan, Aoife McArdle, Oonagh Kearney, Louise Bagnall and Claire Dix.

Now six years in the running, the Festival has established firm roots in Dublin’s cultural calendar, shining a spotlight on dynamic, fresh and exciting female directors who are trail blazing the way for women in film, both at home and abroad.

Dublin Feminist Film Festival

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8 thoughts on “Fillum By Women

  1. eoin

    Good luck to them, I have just seen Quentin Tarantino’s “love letter to 1960s Hollywood” which opened in Ireland yesterday.

    US $100m budget plus a revenue share? It will do well in the cinema because of his previous career momentum, it’s not terrible and it keeps your interest for the best part of its nearly three hours, but it’s not the sort of movie you’d see more than once (unlike pretty much all the previous QT works), overlong, “comedy”, plotless project managed probably using PRINCE. Didn’t even have Michael Parks in a cameo. Needs to buck his ideas up for X.

    1. turgidson

      Michael Parks died two years ago. Although with CGI and Deepfakes these days I suppose he still could have made a cameo.

      1. eoin

        Exactly, indeed the latest QT features such CGI trickery inserting Leonardo di Caprio into “The Great Escape”. Death would not have been an obstacle to the Quentin Tarantino of old.

  2. Pip

    From the Festival home page…..
    “celebrating and showcasing fantastic female filmmaking, as well as demonstrating that women make compelling and complex characters and subjects.”
    Oh come on, surely things have moved beyond this.
    Sounds like something from the eighties.

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