Meanwhile, At Shannon



This morning.

Flight operations at Shannon Airport have been temporarily suspended after a plane had to be evacuated this morning.

Air traffic controllers noticed a fire and smoke coming from the aircraft’s landing gear as it taxied along the runway.

Omni Air International is a civilian airline that transports personnel for the US military.

It is understood that the Omni Air International Boeing 767-300 was about to depart when the incident occurred.

Flights disrupted after plane evacuated at Shannon (RTÉ)

18 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At Shannon

  1. eoin

    Was the plane carrying munitions in the hold which caught fire with the first fire externally visible on the underside? Surely not, because that would have been against the terms of use of the base airport.

    As the foreign minister recently said all aircraft allowed land at Shannon are “subject to the strict conditions that apply to overflights and landings by any and all foreign military aircraft; namely that the aircraft is unarmed, carries no arms, ammunition or explosives, is not engaged in intelligence gathering, and that the flight in question does not form any part of military exercises or operations.”

      1. eoin

        What’s the name of the permanently-based US military representative at Shannon? Where is his office located in the airport? How big are the permanent facilities of the US military at the airport? What equipment is housed at those facilities? Have the facilities increased recently?

        Maybe our brave media can ask some questions on this day when a fire on one plane has shut down the entire airport’s operations.

        1. Cian

          A fire on the landing gear of any plane on a runway will shut down any airport. Because, you know, there is a plane stuck on the runway.

          1. eoin

            Oh right, is that so. So, is the only way to remove a stalled plane from a runway, to repair the fault and let the plane move on its own steam?

          2. martco

            there are certain places like airports where health & safety scenarios seem totally ott & very regimental. one of my work stints was in a certain semi-state facility where we were required to wear full PPE gear just to cross the road from one office building to another…30 metres away…5 mins of pulling on the gear, cross the road, 5 mins to take off the gear. no matter what. if you were caught bypassing the protocol you got sacked. seemed ridiculous. the plant wasn’t even online. frustrating but you just learned to stick to the rules & get on with it. so likes of this situation at SNN doesn’t surprise me particularly

          3. neil

            Landing gear fires generally burst/damage tyres and have been known to weld the brakes closed, requiring the tyres or maybe whole wheels to be replaced before the aircraft can be towed. The wheels will also need time to cool down before they can safely be handled for replacement.

        2. John

          If there were munitions in the hold that caught fire then I dont think the plane would be there anymore. Munitions go boom!
          If there is a fire and fault with the landing gear, I’m not surprised its still on the runway. You wouldn’t tow a plane until you were sure the landing gear isnt going to collapse when you try to move it.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Head down and find out eoin will ya? Media will cover this up no end. Bodger – give him the expenses credit card.

      1. eoin

        The media is given almost no info about the US military at Shannon. The government just issues platitudes. Do you really believe the 10s of thousands of US troops that pass through/stop over at Shannon each year are not on military missions and are unarmed? [they’re not visibly armed when they congregate in the departures area around the bar, all firing up the laptops to skype their loved ones, but no-one from our side dares inspect the planes and if there’s a container offloaded from a plane to the *permanent* ground facilities, I’d bet it would be career ending for an airport official or Garda to stop and demand to see what’s inside].

      1. eoin

        What’s the difference between military aircraft and aircraft carrying troops? That is a toughie alright!

    1. millie vanilly strikes again

      If we open the file… does that make it the modern day equivalent of a Pandora’s box?

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