Medical Card Sans Frontières


From top: John Wall and medical card entitlement for ‘Frontier Workers’



Frontier worker?

Rollingnews/ Clare FM

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4 thoughts on “Medical Card Sans Frontières

  1. Cian

    Under European Union Regulation [EU Regulation 1408/71] a frontier worker (cross-border worker) is entitled to sickness and maternity benefits in both the member states in which he/she is employed and the member state in which he/she resides.

    In Ireland this means that a frontier worker (an individual who is living in the South but works in the North) is entitled to a medical card because in NI they are entitled to free care (NHS).

  2. eoin

    And today’s top #3 medical scandals

    1. record number on trolleys for this time of year
    2. 75 day waits for hard pressed patients who had to go to Northern Ireland for cataract ops to get reimbursed for fees which are often paid with credit union loans
    3. the above

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