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  1. scottser

    G7, eh? Boris gets to spout more boo boo and trump wants his mate putin on the list. Our greaters and betters – saviours of our rights and protectors of democracy.
    A lot to be said for anarchy, in fairness.

  2. Steph Pinker

    As an amateur astronomer I stay awake many nights observing the sky and all it has to offer, but I have to say, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen the Milky Way as clear as it is tonight, not to mention two shooting stars [meteorites] and all of the constellations; if perfection is a reality, it has to be the universe within which we live.

      1. Steph Pinker

        That’s exactly what I was doing – hence my beautiful view of the night sky.

        Purrrrrrrrr…. >.<

  3. eoin

    There seemed to be a big backlash on social media to the rubbish story on the front page of the Sunday Express yesterday “Boris to sign trade deal with Trump next month”. The story was completely false, not least because an EU member can’t go on a solo run and sign a trade deal with a third country. Yet the Express presented it as an exclusive. No other media has re-reported it.

    No apology or retraction in the Express today. They’ve sold yesterday’s copies and by next Sunday their dementia-addled target audience will probably have forgotten all about it.

    1. Cian

      Why can’t the UK sign a trade deal next month (while they are in the EU) as long as the start date of the trade agreement is after they leave?

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        That’s nuts. Imagine signing a deal on behalf of your employers and then leaving the company and bringing the deal with you. The EU signs trade deals as one – it doesn’t allow renegades. The UK will be batting for themselves.

  4. eoin

    The Times Ireland digital edition reports today “Donegal planning breach report ready to publish for over a year”

    Why is Eoghan Murphy sitting on a report into planning irregularities?

    Here’s what Eoghan’s department is saying (which is nearly identical to the response 10 months ago)

    “Following receipt of the attorney’s advice, departmental officials considered the matter further and prepared a submission for the minister’s consideration, including an assessment of the options available to the minister in terms of publication or dissemination, the minister is currently considering the report and the extensive legal advice received.”

    The report was originally finalised in 2017. Why are we waiting for it to be published two years later?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      There was a review of the original complaints in 2012.
      The 2012 review concluded that there was no proof of wrongdoing at the local authorities.
      However, Convier challenged the findings in the High Court, saying that the review was inadequate and did not address many of his complaints.
      The review’s section on Donegal was then quashed in 2013, and Convier received an apology and compensation from the Department of the Environment.
      An apology, and compensation. And Murphy sitting in it for a year. Why?

  5. eoin

    “Thugs run cyclist off road before stealing his bike in Wicklow mountains” report a number of papers.

    The Wicklow Shinner TD has issued an appeal for anyone being offered a “white and red Trek 1.7 bike with white saddle and handlebars ” to get in touch with Gardai.


    A white Transit-type van is forcing lone cyclists off the road and then, three occupants of the van are stealing their bike and phone.

    1. Spud

      Would hope the shinner TD uses any contacts he may know or be able to utilise from a security background to investigate this matter.
      Only a matter of time before someone is serious hurt or killed.

      Real sense of lawlessness creeping in to so many areas.

  6. eoin

    Jebus, how did anyone survive that lightening strike in the USA, video via CBS


    An Irishman was one of six injured and has been hospitalised. “The Department of Foreign Affairs has said it is aware of the case and is providing consular assistance.” Good luck to him, looking at that video, he’s lucky to be alive.

  7. eoin

    More knee-jerk uncoordinated intervention by Eoghan Murphy in the housing market.

    Funding for his Home Loan Scheme, where the Department is getting into the mortgage business, increases from €200m to, well, to what? The Irish Times reports large increases at some local authorities, Fingal “funding rise from €20 million to more than €81 million to the end of this year.” Dublin City Council “increased to just under €130 million from the €50 million that was allocated initially”

    “Maximum purchase prices were set at €320,000 in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Kildare, Louth, Meath and Wicklow, and €250,000 in the rest of the country. ”

    Who’ll be picking up the losses if property prices fall and we have another recession?

    No announcement at all from the Department about the increase in the funding (with our money) for the scheme.

    1. Qwerty123

      Who’ll be picking up the losses? Obviously the government/council will. And they will never repossess due to political pressure and these loans are to people most likely to default.

      We really are a strange little country

      1. Qwerty123

        Who’ll be picking up the losses? Obviously the government/council will. And they will never repossess due to political pressure and these loans are to people most likely to default. (unable to get credit elsewhere)

        We really are a strange little country

  8. eoin

    The Village Magazine is back in paper form with a new edition, 69 out now. Have I missed an edition?

    There was issue 65, June 2018, issue 66 July-August 2018 with issue 67 for October-November 2018. Was there an issue 68?

    As recently reported in the Sunday Times, the owner of the Village says he’s been pre-occupied with litigation about a development next to his home/office on the quays [no word on Michael Colgan litigation against Village though]. There was to be a relaunch in October 2019. The magazine says it sells around 3,000 copies but it hasn’t been ABC-audited for years.

    The new edition apparently carries a number of political interviews, and BS contributor Bryan Wall has something on Ian Bailey (coincidentally Ian was arrested yesterday for drink driving reports the Examiner).

        1. some old unicorn

          alt Right cliche no.5- is there not something over on 8 chan you should be glaring at sonny?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Village Magazine trying its utmost to make itself relevant. It describes the counter protest at barrow street as good natured. Really? Did they not see the videos and the pictures of mr. 2-fingers?
        They were quite happy to put O’Doherty in print when it conformed to their own political outlook, and made them money, yet they lambaste her for having changed her direction. Well, clap clap.
        Gemma O’Doherty’s views may not be acceptable to all, but nevertheless, a media outlet that benefitted from her journalistic competencies now turning turk on her says a lot. Has Village magazine struck a balance in its own reporting? Who attacked the Gardai in Drogheda recently? Whatever happened to the Courtown boyos? Blanchardstown? Fake Taxi drivers?
        Has Village magazine done any investigative ‘journalism’ into the likes of those? No?
        No – the easy thing is to turn on someone, write a long piece of (basically) drivel to try attract readership, and ignore what’s actually going on in this country.
        They mention Gemma O Doherty and the photograph of Longford. A photo that was used already for another point by media.
        Yep, Village Magazine and the like like to megaphone their journalistic prowess, but are no better than the MSM which has its own agendas.

  9. eoin


    Audrey Carville, a presenter on RTE’s Morning Ireland stated that on Satuday last on a train trip from Dublin to Belfast, Border Force was deployed at Belfast (presumably Lanyon Place/Central station) and was checking documentation from passengers.

    Is this the first time Border Force (the UK’s border policing agency which made a point of advertising for ex-services people) has been deployed to check documents away from Belfast International Airport. What lawful basis had Border Force to be present at a railway station and to demand to see documentation? Were they acting unlawfully [I think they were]? They were, according to Audrey, supported by the PSNI. Someone needs to knock this poo on the head pronto.

    1. some old unicorn

      Immigration has been active on cross border public transport for quite some time- it is helpful to carry SOME form photographic ID, not necessarily a passport but, as either an Irish citizen you are under no obligation to do so.

      Either way, they cannot prevent you from proceeding on your journey unless they suspect you are entering the country illegally- in which case you will be detained.

      Any official from ether state who says you MUST carry a passport is 100% wrong and if they continue making such false claims- it is only a matter of time before someone turns it into a serious political issue.

    2. eoin

      Big difference between the PSNI asking for your ID and Border Force doing it.

      I’m very surprised that this hasn’t garnered more attention in our media. Has SF/SDLP/Alliance really nothing to say on the matter?

      1. some old unicorn

        Unless driving while travelling- there is no legal requirement to carry photographic ID anywhere on the island of Ireland – there is no reason to give your date of birth either- unless the respective police officer writes to you explaining why that information is required.

        I get the strong feeling these stories are appearing as a means of prepping the general public but it will never happen- ever.

        1. eoin

          “these stories”?

          I’ve accurately reflected what a reputable presenter on the country’s most listened to radio programme said this morning.

          And this is NOT about police. It’s about Border Force which is a whole different kettle of fish. Take a look at their recruitment specs, they wouldn’t be all that different to the people specs for the Black and Tans a century ago.

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