‘Get These Children Out’



Tuam, County Galway.

Survivors, family members and supporters remember the 796 Tuam Babies whose remains at the site of a former Mother and Baby home  have still to be exhumed.

[Historian] Catherine Corless said the exact location of the buried children was known since the publication of the Fifth Interim Report of the Commission of Mother and Baby Homes in April, and that campaigners had mapped out the burial chambers before the ceremony.

Anyone that walks in here today cannot but be moved by the love and the care that was put into these exhibitions here. People care so much about the babies who were put into the sewage tank, and if only the Government and the Church could show a bit of care, just as the people have here today.

Tuam mother and baby home protest calls for site to be fully exhumed (Irish Times)

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6 thoughts on “‘Get These Children Out’

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    What they’ve done here in marking those little lives is incredible, and a humanitarian act. Shameful that they have no state support on this.

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        I’d be seizing all their property selling it and giving proper retribution to the victims and use the rest to build housing or convert thier property into housing as proper sisters of charity should want to

  2. B9 Com From No

    I find this preoccupation with dead babies somewhat unsettling.

    I understand families need to get closure and definitely identify the remains of family members mind you.

    It just seems, well, a bit ghoulish … from some of the gang commenting and hanging on to the story.

  3. Bebe

    The State will continue to deny for as long as possible and until those who survived have gone; the proposed sealing of records for 100 years to include survivor testimonies is criminal – we must address the continued injustice NOW. While siblings and family members can witness. We owe them at the very least some eight decades later peace and closure before they too pass away. The Minister via Joe Little On RTÉ 6.01 last evening gave a commitment to bringing the issue before cabinet within two months – but nothing about the proposed sealing of records in that. Future generations will be denied truth while families into the future get a version of what really happened from establishment with victims and survivors experiences again sidelined. Yesterday was a timely reminder that justice awaits and I hope we see progress before final report of February 2020. Well done to all who continue to speak out and remember the many victims and survivors of all mother and baby homes north and south.

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