Sure Where Would You Get It?



The Barrow Way, County Carlow

Wickedfairysad writes:

Walked about 10k along the Barrow Way yesterday. What a gorgeous part of the world. Butterfly spotting, saw Peacocks, Red Admirals, Small Blues, Small Whites, and Damsel flies.

Highly recommend. Carlow is beautiful

Barrow Way?

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2 thoughts on “Sure Where Would You Get It?

  1. scottser

    me and the missis went kayaking on the barrow when we first went courtin’. we stayed in leighlinbridge overnight and when i do the maths, that was the night our first was conceived.
    yep, fine place carlow.

    1. B9 Com From No

      be the holy livin jaysus

      in the days I went a courtin
      I was never tired resortin
      to the alehouse and the poorhouse
      and many’s a house besides

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