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  1. V

    Is there any chance that Boris is doing all this because he’s afraid of going into work and getting found out

    He only exists in scandal and chaos
    You’d never hear from him any other time

      1. V

        ‘wouldn’t surprise
        I’d say he loves his Puddings alright
        the Spotted Dick Jam Roly Poly ones
        Not the black and white ones

        He’d do a better job as PM staying in bed watching back to back Bake-Offs eating a skip load of Wagon Wheels and Rancheros by the six pack

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      That is my impression of him too. A coward. There’s very little behind all of that Etonian pontificating.

  2. Gabby

    The Daily Star has spiritualist way of not bothering with Brexit – an image of Freddy Mercury in a pork chop. What next? Elvis returns in a sliced aubergine…

    1. Tighe’s Cylon

      Would have thought Elvis would either appear on a cheeseburger bun or else a fried banana and peanut butter butty..don’t think aubergines were his thing.

  3. some old queen

    Surely the logical conclusion to this mess is a vote of no confidence and a general election? The EU will grant an extension and Farage has said he will stand a candidate against every sitting Tory MP, which is going to decimate the Tories. .

    One of two outcomes- either Farage/Tory coalition or Lib Dem /Labour- a straight choice- no deal Brexit or Remain- I cannot see how a majority would vote no deal myself but given the bitterness and rancor this has caused, anything is possible- especially as Corbyn is so unpopular with so many.

  4. martco

    the Cambridge Analytica looper will be well pleased with how this is going so far. chaos. maybe some civil unrest now to escalate it, let’s see.

  5. eoin

    Juno McEnroe’s front page piece “Demands to recall Dáil over Brexit crisis as Johnson moves to muzzle British MPs”

    The “demands” have come from “Green leader Eamon Ryan and backed by some [unnamed] Labour figures.”

    What about FF and SF? They’re alright, thanks.

    So, the “demands” are coming from the rep of two TDs and up to a max of six Labour TDs?

    Is that worth a headline, Juno?

    1. Johnny Green

      Morning Eoin,speaking of Labour and lube,Alan Kelly’s bro’s struggling little shop…how’s that multi billion IPO looking Declan:)
      “Sarah Huckabee Sanders, President Donald Trump’s former press secretary, has held discussions with Teneo, a global consulting firm started by former Clinton aides, about working together to advise corporate clients about the Trump administration, according to a former Teneo employee and two other people familiar with the matter.”

        1. Johnny Green

          Hi Eoin,yes was having bit fun,CVC took out BC Partners position and increased it to a majority position.He was spotted / rumored to be Mac-mansion hunting earlier in the summer with one the top brokers in the Hamptons.Strange to say least bringing Sarah on board,what with the senate and WH about become democrat,his future plans gosh who knows,have one two funny stories but unfortunately this is not the forum.


  6. eoin

    Hmmm, the “Irish” Daily Mail front page comes courtesy of unnamed “Mail Political Staff”. Is that code for “we’ve lifted it from the Brit edition and don’t want to admit it” ?

  7. eoin

    Now that the Queen has done the dirt for Bojo, will the Establishment press relent on the attacks on her family?

    There are signs. There are now doubts about the legitimacy of that photo there on the front page of the Mail. There are claims that Andrews hand around the waist of the 17-year old has been photoshopped because Andrew’s arm couldn’t be that long and the fingers look well-proportioned whereas Andrew’s real fingers are “sausage like”

    1. Cian

      There is no good reason to have a buy-to-let property, with the highest rent-rates ever, and not be paying the mortgage.

  8. eoin

    14 days since Regina Doherty was given the final copy of a report which concluded there has been illegal mass surveillance of citizens. She had the main conclusions for a year. Any comment yet, diddums?

    9 days since Richard Bruton has had the report of the Oireachtas comms committee which calls for a 3-month suspension of the National Broadband Plan so as to allow the investigation of alternatives. Any comment yet, diddums?

  9. eoin

    “heavy handed tactics from billionaires”

    That’s how beef farmers are describing the latest attempts by several beef processing giants and their solicitors Arthur Cox to stop protests outside plants.

    The farmers are digging in, and, of course, as long as their protests are peaceful, they should have full Constitutional support.

    Scenes from the front lines in the Irish Times today.


  10. eoin

    Vera Twomey’s book “For Ava” seems to be flying off the shelves.

    Vera writes on Twitter today “For Ava has now been in the top five bestsellers list for two weeks in a row!…Book is sold out in some stores Please can you let me know where in a comment or if your unable to get it local to your bookshop❤”


    I will stand to be corrected but I don’t think Vera has had a platform on any of the main national TV or radio programmes to plug the book [I know she’s been on Cork radio]. Amazing for her.

    1. Cian

      How many copies has she sold?

      When it was Alan Shatter’s book you delighted in telling us how few copies were needed to get into the top 5. And a running commentary each week.

      1. Batty Brennan

        That’s because Vera Twomey isn’t a snivelling, obnoxious, duplicitous and hubris-filled boo boo.

        1. V

          It also
          M O G t’night Lads

          with no uptake for Shatters well promoted endorsed flogged mwah mwah’ed wares

          and a strong demand for Vera’s book
          It also proves that RTÉ is not a valuable worthwhile channel to promote your products
          that their endorsement is a possible hindrance
          So why pay them to advertise and plamaus their stars with freebies, nixers and photo ops

          So who’s fault Ad Revenue is Down again?

          1. B9 Com From No

            Is Shatter’s book any good?

            Can’t eoin provide a high level summary or review pasted from a tabloid?

          2. Bodger

            I enjoyed it. It’s very well written and it’s obvious a wrong was done to him also. He is just remorseless. I would not like him as an enemy.

          3. V

            Neither here nor there AFAIC

            However the fact that Vera’s book is flying with no support, promotion or free advertising from the National Broadcaster is relevant

            Is it that RTÉ is a weak vehicle for promoting one’s wares?
            Is it that RTÉ doesn’t yield a return on promoting/ advertising spend?
            Very possibly yes to both

            One thing it definitely is though
            Consumers aren’t buying what RTÉ is selling

            Time to find some new excuses Moya

          4. eoin


            As the one-time Confidential Recipient Oliver Connolly is alleged to have told Sergeant Maurice McCabe

            “I’ll tell you something, Maurice, and this is just personal advice to you, if Shatter thinks you’re screwing him, you’re finished”

            These days, though, Shatter is finished as a politician. He doesn’t seem very interested in the legal business, but I suppose it pays the bills. Let him away to build forts with all the returned copies of his books and he can have the other pensioners Martin Callinan and Brian Purcell round for play dates.

          5. B9Com From No

            Thank you bodger
            I’ve been tempted to read it

            Maurice McCabe’s book is poor IMHO, seeing as Eoin brought it up, maybe I was just too familiar with the content but the tone is plodding

  11. B9Com From No

    farmers in Grannagh had a surprise visit to their factory picket in the early hours of Wednesday, when supporters arrived to recite the rosary with them after hearing about the injunctions on the news.

    While the farmers outside the factory were surprised, they “respectfully joined in”.

    One set of rosary beads was hung on the post to which Tuesday’s legal order was attached

    – good luck with that farmers
    It seems they have turned to unlawful protests by blocking trucks going about their lawful business
    Will we see a show trial like Jobstown?

    RTÉ spinning like mad for MII this morning

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