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  1. GiggidyGoo

    SIRI recordings are anonymous? Don’t tell me that Apple can’t match them to phone numbers and/or phone IP addresses. Of course they can.

    1. Cian

      Yes, and no.

      Broadsheet postings are anonymous… but Bodger[1] can see our ip addresses. Just because “Apple” can match them to the people doesn’t mean that the contractors that were listening to the recordings could.

      [1] or if not, the site admins can

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Apple are the keepers of the recordings. Apart from contractors, Apple directly-employed people would also be privy to the recordings.
        It isn’t just Apple of course – any phone, tablet, TV connected to the internet with microphone ( and of course camera ) is capable of surveillance. And surveillance is what it is.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Who said anything about a vast majority? A small minority is too much. And that could be quite a number given the amount of people directly employed.

  2. eoin

    Corbyn, leader of the second biggest UK political party, backs calls for blockades of streets and bridges on Saturday. 25c sunny weather forecast. They’ll get more than Labour supporters, likely Lib Dems, SNP, Greens and dissident Tories. Probably several hundred thousand on the streets. Add a soupcon of pent up anger, a sense that Bojo has undermined the law and you now have enough to ensure protesters behave in a way which necessitate a strong policing response. Result: riots, barricades, looting, civil checkpoints, breakdown of banking, hospitals/policing stretched beyond limit.

    I’m surprised the US state dept still has the UK on #2 “be aware of terrorism” and hasn’t raised its advisory to #4 “do not travel.” Maybe that will change later today.

    I dare Simon Coveney’s Dept of Foreign Affairs to issue a travel advisory for the UK!

    1. some old queen

      Plus judge to rule on legality of suspension, all out civil war in the Tories as Major joins ranks of those trying to stop it and according to the Mail- a senior aide was frog marched out of Downing Street last night by police for leaking.

      Easterners story lines hasn’t a patch on this.

  3. eoin

    “William E Hampton, a former motor mechanic and driver, who died in Pembrokeshire, Wales.” in January 2019 aged 82 has bequeathed £1.5 million to Sinn Fein, an unprecedented sum. The late William has no directorship footprint.

    A Shinner source says “It is understood that Mr Hampton had assets in other jurisdictions, which are still being litigated over, but the main assets were in England and Wales.”

    They go on to say “The death certificate said he died of respiratory failure, and he was quite frail and elderly, so it was probably old age”

    An interesting man, William E Hampton, I wonder how he accumulated wealth of at least £1.5 million.

    1. postmanpat

      He was minding it for the IRA following a bank robbery. It was probably more but it looks like Mary and her pals spent the rest of food, …the size of them wobbling down the steps of some building on the news last night , and they are only getting bigger.

  4. eoin

    “Allowances of up to €900 a month will be available for parents using childminders from October” says the Examiner. Wow, so, that’s up to €10,800 a year. Fantastic

    However, the Examiner goes on to say “The cost of regulation, training, subsidies and grants would amount to more than €52m a year if 10,000 minders sign up, the department confirmed.”

    Let’s do the math, 10,000 minders at €10,800 a year is…… €108m. And that’s just subsidies, How much for regulation. Does Zappone know her behind from her elbow?

    1. Increasing Displacementg

      So many numbers do not make sense here

      Who’s going to get 900 a month?
      I don’t know anyone getting anything like that towards a Creche.
      Our Creche bill is horrible. 35% more than the mortgage.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      I wonder if they’re tax-free allowances. (if so, why not say ‘credits’). Plus, if people use registered childminders which they may be paying cash to at the moment, that brings those into the tax net.

  5. eoin

    Brad Pitt’s new movie, what’s it like?

    “Ad Astra review — Pitt’s dimwit spaceman rambles on ad nauseam” reports the Times, which goes on to describe it as “grim, monotone torture”

    On the other hand, the Guardian reports “Ad Astra review: Brad Pitt reaches the stars in superb space-opera with serious daddy issues” giving it 5*

    How could there be such differing opinions? Could it be anything to do with the producers/distributors of the film and the fact they’re in competition with Rupert Murdoch?

    Surely not.

  6. eoin

    You have to love the reporting by our “cops ‘n robbers” journalists of the killing in Clogherhead this week.

    [unidentified] Source said this. [unidentified] Source said that. And the public is supposed to 100% swallow what these [unidentified] sources are claiming?

    Conor Lally in the Irish Times is the worst, and his piece doesn’t even make logical sense.

    I wonder will any “source” identify the second [and there may be more] beauty business linked to the man who was killed this week. And will anyone be asking about the displays of wealth by the man who lost his job at Dublin Airport a couple of years ago? Never mind, he’s described by relatives as a nice man and “sources” say he wasn’t involved in criminality.

    The state of Irish crime journalism, ladies and gentlemen.

  7. eoin

    Sadly, the quasi-state broadcaster RTE is not reporting the €5 (five) billion National Broadband Plan report published on Tuesday online or in news programmes. There was a 10-minute segment with Miriam which gave pride of place to the FG opinion that the report’s conclusion – that the signing of the NBP be delayed for three months to explore alternatives – wasn’t valid.

    Today, the Times Ireland reports “Richard Bruton, the communications minister, said yesterday that he would not ignore the findings of the report but insisted that continuing with the €2.9 billion project was “the right thing to do”.”

    He will not delay signing the contract with a consortium led by a Boston private equity group, and, in which Denis O’Brien features. The contract will likely be signed in five weeks.

    Meanwhile, the price of the best bonds in Denis O’Brien’s Digicel falls to a record low of 41c in the dollar. Fancy a 44% annual return on your investment? Except, everyone or at least the market, thinks Denis is going to default and welch on the bonds.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Cant wait for their ‘ant’ story. ‘Army of ants carry Conor McGregor in his sleep’ or whatever.

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